Contact Us

Here are the email addresses we created for you to use to contact us.
Please keep this in your MA folder or print it out for easy access (PDF below).

Technical Questions

service (at)
These are answered first. Each system is different so we may not be able to answer all geek questions.

Often technical issues can be resolved by:

    * Restarting your computer
    * Trying a different browser (Safari and Explorer can be problematic with any site. Firefox and Chrome are more reliable)
    * Clearing your cache/history, Here's a link that explains how
    * Please try these suggestions first.

Questions about the MA tools you are learning in your program.
The very best way to ask your question is during your group's Live Call with Jim.  The Advanced Webinars are also better than through emails. Emails simply don’t compare to a real-time conversation with Jim. If you email close to the time of a call or webinar, we will suggest you ask then.

hello (at)
Thanks for your patience. We get hundreds of emails each day and we want to assist as soon as possible. One of us will do our best to get back to you within two or three business days. If your group call is coming up, we will suggest you ask it then.

Tricks for a faster response:
    * Please include your full name, what program you're in, what session you're on and your Username.
    * Brief is better. Long emails sink to the bottom of the pile.
    * Highlight your clear and specific question.
    * If you are stuck (it happens to all of us) first ask yourself “What MA tools am I using to unstick myself?”


This is the slowest way to contact us. Our phone line is for messages only and is checked only once daily. Sending us an email is the best way to contact us.

Contact Us page on our site
Please DO NOT use this method of emailing us. It is the very last place we look. It is for those not in Level 2 or 3.

No-Reply Email Address

Occasionally we will use this email to send the newsletter and other mass mailings. Obviously, if you reply to that email, you won’t receive a response.

I hope this makes it easier and faster for you to contact us here. We really enjoy hearing of your successes and how great the tools are working in your life.

May your day be filled with delicious laughter.
Jim, Roxane and Mary