Fear is Killing You. Would You Like to Change That? | Mastering Alchemy

A Course in Mastering Alchemy - Free Webinar- Fear is Killing You. Would You LIke to Change That?

FEAR =  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Understand what fear really is and you will alter how you experience your reality. Most of the fear you hold doesn’t even belong to you. Learn three simple changes and the fear goes away. Interested?

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Track 1 (18:30) Lecture
Track 2 (51:14) Lecture and Exercise
Track 3 (36:53) Q&A

Complete Part One (01:32:18)

Questions and Answers

  1. How can we best serve with so much fear on the planet right now?
  2. I have a challenge with holding my awareness behind my eyes. Any suggestions?
  3. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by all the tools.  Is there one simple tool to use?
  4. How do we refrain from reacting, yet not become complacent?
  5. Does it work to use your imagination to create the future we want?
  6. I notice that there are energies in my electronics that create problems.  Is my fear causing this?
  7. I have fears about environmental destruction of the planet.  What do I put in my rose?
  8. Are you saying I leave the body out of fear?
  9. Aren’t these exercises likely to awaken the kundalini?  If so how can we alleviate unpleasant symptoms?
  10. I thought I hated someone.  How do I clear this person from my space?


Fear is Killing You, Lecture Track 1
Fear is Killing You, Lecture Track 2
Fear is Killing You, Complete Lecture
Fear is Killing You, Q&A