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The Four Faces of You: Your Spiritual SelfSpatia is a unique addition to the creation of this house party and your life. In fact, without her, the party wouldn’t unfold smoothly and harmoniously. Spatia doesn’t lift the tables with Phil, plan the activities with Mendelson or even choose the music with Emma. Spatia oversees the entire operation and is the spiritual supporter of everyone. She makes sure they are all doing what they love and are receiving the validation and encouragement they deserve. Your Spiritual Self recognizes and intuits all needs and questions. She helps direct each Self to the best solutions. She is the quiet, invisible force in the background that holds the whole party together.
Your Spiritual Self has been there, in the background of your experience your entire life. Spatia is quiet and not usually recognized by your five senses. Science and many individuals have denied her existence since patriarchal societies began to dominate the planet many centuries ago. She never dominates your life, but insists on working with the other aspects for an integrated self. Self-Integration includes increased awareness, intuition, insight and communication between the four bodies or selves. Only your Spiritual Self can facilitate this. She is clearly connected to your ultimate source of information and Light. As the planet and all her inhabitants evolve toward full four-body integration and alignment, Spatia is recognized and appreciated. Schools and individuals come forth to assist in developing Spiritual Abilities and offer tools for greater awareness and intuition.

Spatia’s job description goes something like this:

  1. Provides a super-sensory overview of the entire mind-body-emotion connection.
  2. Harmoniously coordinates all three denser aspects, recognizing and capitalizing upon the strengths of each.
  3. Responds to personal and social information, as opposed to the sensory stimuli which the neocortex (mental), limbic (emotional) and r-complex (physical) respond to.
  4. Focuses attention upon the inner worlds of creativity and potentials (personal growth).
  5. Increases awareness of our inner and outer selves. Self-awareness.
  6. Intuition and insight.
  7. Cooperates with the limbic system, gut feelings and the ability to identify with the experiences of others. Compassion.
  8. Foresight and planning for the future. This ability allows us to make more far-reaching and globally effective social decisions, aware of possible consequences.
  9. Altruism.
  10. Unleashes the creative human spirit.
  11. Recognizes and stays in communication with your Higher Self, Soul or Supreme Being.
  12. Assists in anchoring Light into the four-body system.

To play with your Spiritual Self and develop your Spiritual Abilities:

  1. Practice Energy Tools in a focused, intentional way to quiet the noise in your life and develop your intuitive abilities.
  2. Return to a quiet space and imagine your Spiritual Self standing before you. Ask her to help you communicate clearly with your emotional, physical and mental bodies to give them what they need. The answers may arrive sometime later and in a most unusual way.
  3. Go to a public place and watch people. Act as if you are intuitive and notice what information you get from watching.
  4. Become aware of your physical, mental and emotional messages. Many of them are messages from one aspect of you to your Spiritual Self. As you continue to get quiet, clear out the noise and listen, the messages will become clearer and louder.
  5. If you already notice many voices in your head, know that only one of them is your Spiritual Self. As you use these tools, the others will eventually clear out and the quietest one will be yours.
  6. Begin a Spiritual Record. Include insights, desires and night dreams, meaningful quotes from your readings, drawings and anything else documenting your unfolding Path. This process focuses your attention on your goals, validates your Spiritual Self and is helpful to review at times when you might feel discouraged or “stuck.”
  7. Make written notes in your Spiritual Record of all the synchronistic events in your day. As you recognize and validate them, the quantity and quality will grow.
  8. Bring beauty into your life. Beauty is the language of Spirit. Create beautiful spots in your office, home, yard, and car. Play with Feng Shui.
  9. Ask and intend to visit gardens, parks and libraries or attend a lecture on a specific subject while you sleep.
  10. Record your night-dreams immediately upon waking, even if they make no sense. Doing so will increase their frequency and clarity.
  11. Most importantly… Have fun and laugh a lot. Your Spiritual Self finds your life amusing and entertaining. So can you.

By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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