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The Four Faces of You: Your Physical SelfYour body was designed to move and work. Bodies love to be active. Unlike the Emotional Self, we are allowed to express ourselves physically. You can personify your Physical Self in a way that currently represents your relationship with your body. Is it a big strong muscle-man, perhaps encumbered by his massive bulk? Is he small and bird-like or large, flabby and weak? Allow Phillip (your Physical Self) to appear and act as he truly is. Phillip’s job is to survive and he does it with a passion. He only thinks about and directs his focus upon those things that either help or hinder the survival of the system. Like the Emotional Self, Phillip is nonverbal and so must resort to expressing his needs through behavior patterns, acting out, sensations and movement.

Here are some items in his job description:

  1. Establishing, patrolling and marking territory (buying or renting it, putting up the fence, security lights)
  2. Fighting to defend territory (football games, job competition)
  3. Foraging and hunting (shopping, research, crime detection)
  4. Homing (heading home after the hunt or with news)
  5. Hoarding (collecting art, coins, food, money, cars)
  6. Use of defecation posts (telling dirty jokes, especially those having to do with bodily functions)
  7. Formation of social groups (teas, luncheons, staff meetings, church committees)
  8. Grooming
  9. Courtship, mating, breeding and tending to offspring

Your Physical Self must be allowed to do his job with gusto and creative permission, or he is restricted and unhappy. If he is limited in some way from keeping the system safe and healthy, he may either push against the other selves, or weakly submit to them. In the former case, he may appear bulky and bullish, aggravated and loud. If he has surrendered to the pressures of the Emotional and Mental Selves, Phillip may grow thin or flabby and weak, quiet and pale. Either way, Phillip is out of balance and not expressing his wisdom from a place of alignment. If your Physical Self is ignored or abused for long enough, the Mental and Emotional Selves will surely begin to be affected. Perhaps you know of others who have been out of communication with their bodies for so long they no longer look or act their young age, are emotionally bitter or mentally fatigued.

Because the physical body is undeniably real to our five physical senses we sometimes give it more permission to run the show. It occasionally receives more of our mental and emotional attention than is necessary. When the body talks to us, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that “something is wrong”, rather than to ask, “What are you trying to tell me about my level of balance and state of being?” Have you ever been at work when others are talking about “cold season” and all their aches and pains? When you happen to sneeze, they say, “Oh dear, you must be getting sick too.” That is a very important moment for you. You have a big choice. Do you believe the group agreement about colds and your body’s state of health? Or do you laugh, walk away and choose to be well? If we do jump to the belief that something is wrong and focus our attention there, something may indeed become wrong, even if it was previously healthy and whole.

Several years ago Sam began his dream of writing a novel. A very short time into the project, he began to experience severe joint pain. It eventually hurt most of the day. After about three days of this, Sam found his Mental Self focusing on “What if this is arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome?” The battle to manage worry became constant. Sam found his Emotional Self becoming sad, hopeless and disappointed. He also noticed NITs pertaining to his ability to write and publish his book. With very little assistance, Sam sat down to communicate with his body and find out what it was really trying to tell him.

Sam’s father used to write short stories and actually had a few published in magazines. He wasn’t as successful as he would like to have been, however. Dad didn’t get much support or encouragement from the family. This was quite disappointing and frustrating to him. His creative genius was never satisfied or fully expressed. He was stuck creatively. Our arms and hands contain our creative channels. The pain Sam was experiencing in his hand was connected to his dad’s stuck creativity and his mom’s belief it was a waste of time. She had suffered from painful rheumatoid arthritis for years. Sam chose to change this pattern of belief. He simply pretended the Life Force Energy from his front channels was fully flowing down his left arm and gushing out of his fingers and palm. Sam imagined many different colors just for fun. In about 15 minutes the pain stopped and never returned. Sam’s body was simply telling him there was a limiting belief around writing and creativity stuck in his arm channel. It was just energy. Sam could have easily embraced the belief that he had crippling arthritis and was destined to suffer forever. It’s only energy.

In addition to recognizing your Physical Self and personifying him, what else can you do to help him return to balance?

  1. Allow your Physical Self to move and express himself. Dance, walk, and stretch. Notice, as you consider this activity, if you experience resistance. It’s not necessary to hurry and join a gym and sweat until you can’t move. Simply take your Physical Self on a date. All your body may want is a walk around the block.
  2. Notice all the physical things around you. Use all five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Experience each as fully as you can. Really push your nose into that flower until it’s covered with scent. Get really close to the bark of a tree and see all the tiny crevices. Listen for the crickets over the television. Suck a lemon!
  3. Love your body. Tell each body part you love and appreciate it, as you rub on lotion in the morning. You might notice here, too, if any NITs pop up.
  4. Feed your physical body what it likes. Sometimes determining what that may be is tricky, as we live in a vortex of programming around food and bodies. Many times, our relationship with food is intertwined with the Emotional and Mental Selves. A method to re-establish a line of clear communication is to play with muscle testing techniques or the pendulum. These tools may temporarily bridge the communication gap between your physical body and the rest of you. As you continue to say, “Hello” to your body and pause to listen, your natural lines of communication will clear.
  5. When you are sitting quietly or Running Energy, visualize your body standing in front of you. Notice the places it is imbalanced or uncomfortable. This is not an intellectual process. Just imagine what the body in front of you might be indicating. You may be surprised at the locations that light up. Thank the body and ask it what it needs to feel appreciated.
  6. Open your Grounding Line and leg channels about 10% more and run extra Earth Energy through them. Sometimes the resistance or pain you experience is from pumping 220 volts through wire capable of only 110 volts (metaphorically speaking). Simply open the channels a bit to allow more juice to flow, resistance-free.

In Part Three – The Mental Self

By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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