Transition, Disruption and Opportunity | Mastering Alchemy

Self Care Isn't Selfish letteringAre you giving your attention to what you want? And then having what you give your attention to? Join us to find out what happens if you do or don’t.

If you want to experience a higher 4D dinner party watch this.

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  1. Comment:  I love the energy of permission. 
  2. When I imagine laughing with others at a dinner party, I feel sad rather than happy.
  3. Comment:  Joyful, exciting. Fantastic the way this space is so assessable at every moment.
  4. Law of Attraction: Is it possible to manifest extreme events from just watching a movie?
  5. Comment:  I felt very soft, velvety around my heart. All tension melted away.
  6. How can I help a relative who is deeply attached to personal misery?
  7. Comment: Such a happy, joyous, peaceful place to sit in. Much gratitude.
  8. Can you talk about holding vs flow?
  9. Comment: Grateful and radiant.
  10. How many minutes a day do we need to play here in order to generate noticeable results?
  11. In the Center of my Head or Higher Mind, the room becomes unstable and sometimes disappears. What’s happening?
  12. I always heard not to think about what you want, but imagine you already have it.  What's the difference?
  13. Tears flowing. Does that mean the release of resistance?
  14. What I want is technically just a fantasy.
  15. I feel bad sending stuff down the Grounding Cord. How is energy transformed there?
  16. The market for like-minded life partners seems to be narrow. Any recommendations?

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Non-Downloadable MP3's: 
Lecture to Meditation (58:37)
Question & Answer (31:51)
Complete Call: (01:30:29)
Transicion, Disrupcion, Oportunidad (59:01)