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How to Create Stability in an Off-Balance World

How to Create Stability in an Off-Balance World

The Shift is happening right on time. It is doing what it's supposed to do. Dismantling the rigidness of the status quo, helping you eliminate your baggage and creating a new world of well-being. But nobody promised an easy ride. Join us and learn how to navigate the Shift with balance and ease. Learn tools, new choices and opportunities.


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1. How do I know the difference between something leaving and the thought in the moment?
2. It seems like there are many things I need to unravel in this way. Do I need to do this exercise with each discomfort/baggage that comes up? Or the more I practice releasing baggage bit by bit, then the next, it will dissolve all of the baggage?
3. I’m finding it really difficult to stay on my side of the Rose regarding my sons and grandchildren and some personal difficulties they’re having. I tell myself that it’s Shakespeare’s theatre and I try to stay as an observer. Any ideas on how I can allow myself to remain more impartial?
4. Are you experiencing the idea that the Law of Attraction has never really worked in this lower density? Or that it’s been working backwards. Is this comparable to cymatics, you know the movement caused by vibrational frequencies of sound?
5. I’ve been told that my life lesson is to stand up for myself. But I feel like if I focus too much on the injustice that I’m experiencing, that I’ll cause it to become bigger. 
6. Is there an emotion in neutral? Or is it the detached observer with no real emotion in it at all?
7. Could this practice of shifting attention lead to a denial of reality? For instance, if I have an illness and anytime I see the degradation of my body and shift my attention to positive image instead, is this me just denying the current condition and avoiding to look at a reality of me being ill?
8. Could you please address how the solar flares and the shift effects us in our daily lives?
9. What do you mean when you say we need these tools because things are changing in the very near future?

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