How do I sign up for the free webinars? | Mastering Alchemy

Jim and Roxane continue to offer monthly Free Webinars.  

To attend simply click on the "Read More" box provided within the webinar message on the home page slider.  The slider is at the very top of the home page.  OR you can click on the link in the grey section found in the middle of the home page.  Both of these choices will take you to a registration page within GoToWebinar.  OR you can click on the Calendar, select Webinars from the drop down, select the date where you will be directed to the registration link.

If you have problems with the Go To Webinar service we use, please go here for possible solutions: GoToWebinar

We look forward to seeing you at the next webinar!  Make sure to check out the recordings found in the Library a few days after the webinar has completed.