How Do You Choose What’s Best? | Mastering Alchemy

Choosing is a skill. Aligning yourself to allow what you want to come to you is also a skill. Neither skill is difficult when you understand how to apply them. Join us to learn how to choose and allow yourself to have what you want.



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  1. If what we focus on collapses the event into our reality, then do we just focus on what is good?

  2. Can you discuss Planetary mitosis?

  3. Could you please give more information about the Waves of Light and the magnetics you refer to?

  4. How can I stay attuned to this vibration?

  5. Please talk about how you see Project Park Bench unfolding over the year together.

  6. I am doing more in my sleep space and meeting other Beings you have mentioned.  How can I remember more and more when I wake up?

  7. I am wondering why the world has to go through such pain and wars to get to the next place?


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Lecture to meditation (01:06:25)
Question & Answer (31:31)
Complete Call: (01:37:56)