How Do You Choose What’s Best? | Spiritual Awareness Webinar

Sign post with choices in a setting sunChoosing is a skill. Aligning yourself to allow what you want to come to you is also a skill. Neither skill is difficult when you understand how to apply them. Join us to learn how.

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  1. I have two possible job opportunities that both look good.  How do I choose the one for me?
  2. Comment:  Thank you so much.  Always feels so peaceful when Jim ends the session.
  3. Would you recommend spinning the Triads as a daily practice?
  4. I just started Level 1.  I see there is a Level 2 starting next month.  Will I be ready for it?
  5. Comment:  I’ve been working with you for years and I’m blown away at returning to these beginning Tools still allows me to shift and release Energy.
  6. As I develop my practice of meditation, I find that I’m constantly yawning and have restless legs. How can I move past this to find a quiet stillness?
  7. Comment:  I so needed this today.  See you in Level 2.
  8. Do you feel the noise will get exponentially louder in the near future?
  9. How do you make decisions when you know the decision could hurt other people you love?
  10. I had an incredible time sitting down and giving myself permission.  How is it possible to go back to this room if I’m coming from a place of agitation or discomfort?
  11. How can I help a family member who is deeply unconscious and making sabotaging decisions that have the potential to put me at risk?
  12. Comment:  I love this.  It just gets better and better.
  13. You talk about a transition. This transition has been chaotic.  How can I make it less so? 

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