How Do You Create? | Mastering Alchemy

Do you create from intention or resistance?  Do you create from what you want or from what you want to avoid? Do you need to know what will happen before you create? Or can you enjoy your creation as you create it?  Let’s find out together.

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  1. Can you talk about the madness in the world and how to use our tools?  It’s getting kind of scary.
  2. I got lost on the way to the Higher Mind and lost the quietness.  Can you direct me?
  3. How does the consumption of alcohol or cannabis affect this work and our progress through it?
  4. Can you speak specifically to what is happening to our physical bodies right now during this shift?
  5. My eyes closed on their own during the Energy work.  When you asked me to open them it was like I woke up.  I didn’t think I had fallen asleep. Was I asleep?
  6. How do you keep others out of your space? Especially angry people?
  7. Do you have any advise on how to maintain the space created tonight or how to be there as often as possible?
  8. I am wondering why I really don’t form friendships or spend a lot of time around other individuals.  It seems like the Empaths and Lightworkers travel solo.

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Lecture into Meditation (01:05:24)
Question & Answer (35:35)
Complete Call: (01:41:00)