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How do You Want to be Seen?This Shift is not so much about the Earth. The planet is very capable of taking care of itself and is actually in a state of well-being. So the Earth is not what this game is about. It’s about each of us very individually at this point, and how we each demonstrate a level of mastery. How we each manage our thoughts, our words and our actions. How we each become conscious, aware and purposeful and how we each manage our Intention and our Attention. That’s the game you’re the star of. As you go through this game, you will be known to the Universe by your vibrations and how you manage them. So, how do you want to be seen? Do you want to go through this experience being purposeful, focused and entertained? Or do you want to go into this with uncertainty, reacting or fearful? It’s really up to you how you really want to be perceived.

Whether you are choosing consciously or unconsciously, you are choosing vibrations that others in the All That Is everywhere throughout the Universe will see. And so, whether choosing intentionally or unintentionally, you are choosing. And whether you are choosing from disorder or from purposefulness by placing your Attention on what you are asking to receive, you are choosing. And whether you are aware or unaware of the emotions you are holding – happy, angry, sad, resentful, jealous, joyful – you are choosing. And with every thought you think, you’re choosing. Now that’s pretty specific choosing and the results of your choosing are how you come out of the game and how you present yourself.

Set your intention to create awareness about where you are, how you choose, the circumstances you choose and what occurs when you choose a vibration, a thought, an action in each one of these circumstances. Let’s call it a platform. If you’re standing on one platform, you’ll get a set of results. If you’re standing on another platform, you will get a very different set of results. How you hold your intention and your attention, how you hold the vibrations in your body, where you place those intentions and attentions, will determine what platform you’re standing on. If you can begin to recognize the platform, and the aspects and characteristics of each platform, then you can begin to choose intentionally which platform to stand on.

Let’s define a couple of platforms we’re going to call the “Third Dimension Platform” and the “Fourth Dimension Platform.” There’s another gigantic platform called the “Fifth Dimension Platform.”

When you’re standing on the Third Dimensional Platform, you experience reaction, and time as past and future. What little present time you do experience in the third dimension is reactionary present time. You simply ask, “Oh, why is this happening to me? What should I do?” That’s how you play in the third dimension. You go into reaction, observe from reaction, and move from reaction. You view your reality based on your past experiences and you set your future reality in motion based on past experiences or hopes, dreams and wishes. Past and future and reactionary present time are 3-D characteristics. If you can simply be consciously aware of your reactionary choices, you’ll begin to see how that game plays out for you in a more specific manner.

The Fourth Dimensional Platform is not a place you’re going to reside for any length of time. It’s a very stable stepping stone to the Fifth Dimensional Platform but it’s not a place of residence. You have been playing for many lifetimes on the 3-D Platform, and had to consciously give up some of your aspects, attributes and grand skills in order to do so. When you came into this body, you closed down to a great extent the internal guidance system that kept you exactly locked on with the Creator, with the Soul. You knew the difference between what was your clear intention and vibration and that of someone else. When you came into the third dimension, you turned that internal guidance system off.

You also closed down your spiritual abilities, your awareness of All That Is, your ability to see and hear clearly, your awareness at a very high level of your information flow, and your awareness of the intelligence.

You turned these things almost off, and you did it intentionally. You did it so you could play in this game. And when you got to the third dimension, you had to separate from the Soul and all that you were, and you disconnected the wiring from your higher consciousness. But it’s now time to put that all back together as a beginning step to what the Fourth Dimensional Platform is all about. If you can step onto that and understand this platform, you can begin to reconnect all of what you’ve disconnected.

Part Two of this series focuses on changing platforms.
By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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