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How do You Want to be Seen?In Part Two, we looked at moving from the 3rd Dimension Platform to the 4th Dimension Platform. Now we look at the 5th Dimension Platform.
Over these coming months and years, events will occur in your play that are going to hone you, make you more specific, more clear and more perfected. You will be able to allow yourself to simply vibrate in frequencies that demonstrate your character. On that 4th Dimensional Platform are words or vibrations that, if you start to play with them, make this transition actually quite smooth and enjoyable. Hold your vibration in “I’m certain, I’m senior in my body, this is my game and I’m simply managing it in a great dance.” Again, it has nothing to do with anybody else. Just be “present” in now-time, and feel the sensation of being powerful from being capable. Again, it has nothing to do with anybody else. Simply allow that feeling of powerful and capable. Just hold the vibration of capable. Nothing to do, no place to go, nothing to fix, because nothing is broken. Once you’re feeling powerful with capable, switch to powerful with graciousness. Explore a sense of graciousness, the place where you are in the presence of the Creator. You’re in the presence of the Mother and you are simply gracious.

Then you can start to play with commanding. If you can weave all these feelings together, you’ll find that it’s all about you in the most glorious of ways. If you can’t hold words like that, try “orderly, scholarly, precise and accurate.” The best word of all is happy. “I’m happy.” In my workshops, when I get to the word “happy,” many people say, “I don’t know what that means.” Well they do, and we find it and the smile becomes grand on their face when they re-find themselves, re-wire themselves, realign themselves and remember themselves.

This 4th Dimensional Platform is a stepping stone to the 5th Dimensional Platform, which is beyond your imagination. It’s outside the grasp of your rational mind, which makes up all kinds of stories about what the 5th dimension is. The simplest entry point is to know that the 5th dimension offers multiple possibilities that only exist in words like joy, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, exhilaration, cooperation and creation. There is no 3-D structure in the 5th dimension, so you cannot take your baggage with you. It is impossible to enter the 5th dimension with a 3-D vibration. However it is very possible to be a 5th dimensional consciousness walking in a 3-D world, creating from the platform of the 4th dimension. And you will be stunned and joyful at the ease with which multiple possibilities just flow in the most happy way of creating: “Maybe that can happen, and then maybe that can happen, Oh yeah, and we could add three of these and what about this?” Pretty soon, you start to find out about how the rays of light, the rays of creation, the electrical-ness, the electro-magnetics, the adhesion, the thought, the emotions, the joys all come together as the ingredients of the cake you’re baking. If you can begin to just entertain the 4th Dimensional Platform, entry to the 5th dimension becomes available to you very quickly. It’s way beyond the rational mind to even be able to grasp the 5th dimensional patterns and beyond. The group of archangels and ascended masters asked that this be said again because the acceleration into the physical is now real. It’s going to be very visible to you in the coming months and years, so rather than being surprised and reactionary with, “How come no one told me?” Instead, you can position yourself on the 4th Dimensional Platform. Be happy – you’re really going to enjoy the results.

> This topic is immensely important in my opinion because you need to stand on that 4th Dimension Platform without falling off onto the 3-D Platform as these changes come about. Look at all the institutions, all the structures, all the pollution, all the games, all the economics, all the man’s inhumanity to man, and know that it’s soon going to be perfectly balanced. So don’t go into fear.

Suppose someone invented a little box that had zero point energy capacity. Suddenly, every house in the world could be electrified, heated, cooled and have hot water out of this little box. Do you think that would shift the whole balance of the game? Absolutely. If you can stay on your 4-D Platform and begin to think what’s possible, that’s where the multiple possibilities of the 5th dimension start to become real in the 3rd dimension. It is stunning to watch this dance unfold and it doesn’t even have to be dramatic.

On the other hand, a lot of people are not awake and will stay in that fear. As you begin to master that platform, your ability to walk through the seams of time and noise will be elegant. Stay on the 3-D Platform, and the noise is going to get very loud. My passion is for this to begin to flow in your space so you can simply nudge the person next to you and say, “You know, you could stand on that train track or you could just step over to this platform with me and let the train go right on by.”


By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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