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How do You Want to be Seen?In Part One, we saw that on the 3-D Platform, the game is made up of linear time and duality – the contrast between good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, left/right, cause and effect. The 3rd dimension is made up of density; it’s heavier, it has edges and boundaries, definitions and rigidity, and is very stable. You rely on the rational, analytical mind, versus your ability to observe and perceive, which are 4th Dimensional Platform characteristics. In simple terms, the 4th Dimensional Platform operates in present time, or “Right now.” (That “Right now” is already in the past.) So in the fourth dimension, you can have just a great time figuring something out and suddenly, an hour has gone by. In 4-D, there is no hour; there is simply present time. So, if you’re doing something interesting and enjoying yourself, you’re on the Fourth Dimensional Platform. If you’re trying to figure out the past and worry about the future, or trying to fix something that seems to be broken, then you slipped back to the 3-D Platform. As soon as you bring worry, doubt or fear into your Fourth Dimensional Platform, you instantaneously fall to the Third.

If you want to argue with, “Yes, but …,” or, “But what about this, what about that?” then know that it’s your third dimensional rational mind coming up with a set of answers to keep you safe. You see, the rational mind only knows what it knows; it does not know what it does not know. So when you get new information that doesn’t fit its model, it will argue with that information, and try to adjust, bend, turn and twist it so it can make sense of it, and then repeat it back to you. The difficulty is, the Fourth Dimensional Platform gives you access to the Soul, to higher aspects of yourself, and to your spiritual abilities that allow you to see and hear on a grand scale .The smaller, rational mind can’t get its hands around that, for it is way too big. So the mind has to invalidate the information, and that argument goes back and forth in your head. Now, if you can consciously choose or recognize these various aspects as platforms, then you move onto the Fourth Dimensional Platform and allow the expansion to flow without the argument.

The 4th Dimensional Platform operates in present time, and allows for the word “paradox,” which simply means the end of all those rigid truths of “absolute,” “always,” “never” and “impossible,” which are third dimensional densities. This platform allows for flexibility and gives room for choices to be much more fluid and mobile. It also presents more opportunity. So you’re not locked into “always,” “never” or “that was true yesterday so it must be true today.”

If you can allow what is in front of you to simply be what is, then you can determine how you want to experience it. You can create the outcome you wish or simply let it go. Choice. So you have present time, flexibility in truth, and choice as to how you wish to create it. If you can recognize and play with those three building blocks – present time, flexible truth and choice—how do you want to rearrange all this? Just those three characteristics alone will create an entirely different universe for you. You will find you open back up what you closed down when you came onto the 3-D Platform, and turn back on your spiritual abilities. You will regain your internal guidance system, which you closed and locked down because you didn’t want to ever, ever lose your connection to the Creator.

To regain this connection, open up that internal smile, that sense of grand beauty, of flow and ease. The 4th Dimensional Platform begins to be the life you live, and the 3-D reference points such as, “Ain’t it awful?” and, “How come they hurt my feelings?” simply dissolve. You may already be noticing that you are beginning to lose those reference points, along with aspects of your memory.

In the Shift, you’re going to lose the 3-D aspects that aren’t about who you are. It’s your choice, however. As this new wave of energy accelerates, the new physicalness of the Shift begins to create a transition from what is broken to what is “heaven on earth.” “Broken” includes your “stuff,” the places where you still hold judgment, resentment, and “I’m right and they are wrong.” The more you hang on to those places in the coming months, the more the universe will push on you.

So, you’re the star of your game and it’s only about you. Nobody else. It’s all about you. How masterfully have you spent these last lifetimes of training for this particular lifetime? Now you can have the grand thought about heaven on earth: “I’m here being spiritual and all the souls are coming back together and isn’t it beautiful? Aren’t the fireworks grand?”

At the same time, a little voice asks, “How did you do? How are you doing? How are you managing yourself? How are you holding your vibrations? How do you want to be seen? If God appeared in 5 minutes, what would God see?” And you never know what 5 minutes away God’s going to appear, so it’s always, “How am I doing right now?”

Train yourself to stand on that 4th Dimensional Platform when your “stuff” comes up. And I can say with great certainty that your “stuff” will come up – relationship stuff, job stuff, money stuff, etc. “My Stuff” is now being amplified, so you’d better be standing on that Fourth Dimensional Platform to be able to say, “Wow, look at that stuff,” and choose how you wish to let it go. If you say, “I don’t know why this is here. They were wrong 25 years ago and they’re still wrong,” you’ve jumped back to the Third Dimensional Platform. Good luck because that energy is going to nail you harder and harder until you take a breath, smile and say, “Maybe I can just let it go.”

In Part Three: The 5th Dimensional Platform
By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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