Level 3 Conference - April - DC | Mastering Alchemy

Opening Doors to an Expanded World
Your Role and Your Service

April  26-27-28, 2019

This event is for all Level 3 participants and those who have completed the programs. (If you're also attending the Grad Conference, we'd like to offer you a coupon for reduced tuition for the Level 3 conference. Please email us for the special coupon code).

This conference will pull forth energetics and concepts that have not been presented in Mastering Alchemy previously. As a transitioning world rapidly moves into realignment, tools and concepts necessary to maintain stability and redirection will be brought forth. New applications for what has been learned in Level 3 will also be presented.

It is no coincidence that this conference is being held in Washington DC. Much of the transition is being generated there. 

If you qualify for this conference, please log in and register