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London Calling: Am I trying too hard?

London Calling: Am I trying too hard?

Question: Terri here from London. I’ve been practicing being in the Center of My Head and continue to have pressure/pain in my head when I'm there.  I realize that I'm "efforting", but can't seem to relax.  Even when I think I'm relaxed, I continue to feel pressure in my head. A congestion.  A part of me thinks that if I don't feel that familiar pressure, then I'm not in the right place.  Any suggestions would be most welcome, and it HAS improved since I started Level 2. Thanks.

Answer: Yes - I agree with you. It looks like you’re working and efforting instead of allowing the experience to come to you. In many western cultures, we’re trained to achieve and work hard and do it right. In the Mastering Alchemy work, there is no “right” or “wrong” way of using the tools - no pressure. The Teachers of Light, who designed the path you’re on, remind us many times to take it slow and be nice to ourselves. Whenever we are in effort we are in the future. We’re not in present time and present time is the only place we can create from. 

That habit of trying so hard is probably connected to old patterns of control, fear of getting negatively surprised, distrust, "Gotta do it right”, achievement, pleasing others, fear of failure, etc. Do any of those words/energies make sense for you?

Here are some Suggestions:
1- Begin to notice which of the above words resonate with you when you feel that pressure and congestion. Come up with some words of your own. Then begin to patiently collect them up in a Rose and explode the Rose. One at a time. It may take days of morning-meditations to do this. That's ok. Additional words or colors or images will pop up too (even people). Continue to put them all in a Rose, one by one, collect the energy up from your space and explode. Or you can imagine draining that word/color down your Grounding Cord. Easy. Be amused with what you discover.

2- The next time you find yourself in the future, lick your finger and touch it to your forehead. (Don't laugh - ok - you can laugh.) Then notice what happens. Your attention will naturally go to the coolness of the evaporation. This will help you focus on being in the Center of Your Head or Higher Mind instead out in front of yourself.

3- Another reason why you may feel that congestion in your head is because it IS congested. It’s congested with the energy and attention of others. Others with an opinion about you and your choices. You’ve been trying to push your way through that energy to find your own power and that can be very hard work. During your mediation time take a Rose and clear out the Center of Your Head. You might imagine a broom or duster or vacuum. Let it move throughout this sanctuary in your head and move out all of the others who want to live there. Don’t worry - you aren’t doing anything harmful to them. In fact, you’re helping them. You’re giving them back their energy so they can live a life full of their own energy.

Give those tools a whirl and let me know how it goes. Later on in Level 2 you’ll get another tool, “Thought Strings” which will also help de-charge this programing you’re noticing.

You’re doing Great, Terri. Dance!