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Managing 2018

Managing 2018

Will the noise and drama of 2017 prevent you from navigating and enjoying 2018? Let's talk about the many changes within this amazing "Shift in Consciousness” that you might experience this year. These may be continued challenges to your status quo and also opportunities leading to living within the fifth dimensional consciousness. Listen to the recordings below.

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1. I find that if I allow myself to feel what is directly affecting me, I can move through those feelings to a higher state of consciousness. How does this approach relate to what you’re teaching?
2. What is the relevance of aspects of ourselves in other dimensions? Are we attempting to integrate ourselves?
3. I would like to know about the three waves you talk about. Are they increasing in energy? Does the intensity change at all?
4. Who is the “we” you refer to tonight?
5. Could you please expand on the octahedron geometry which we need to bring about balance?
6.  I would enjoy ‘playing’ with others on this journey. It seems as though I have less and less people to “play” with.
7. Why are some of the old, painful wounds coming up more and more for me?


This library is updated every month. Some recordings are added, others removed.  Don’t worry - you haven’t missed anything. More good stuff is on it’s way to you.

Lecture (45:14)
Meditation (28:26)
Questions & Answers (39:20)
Complete Call (1:53:01)