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Master Your Ability to Observe

Master Your Ability to Observe

Mastering Alchemy Webinar - Master Your Ability to ObserveBeing conscious requires Attention. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you ask How did this happen? The answer: You did not observe in or beyond the moment.
Your ability to observe and then clearly choose an action is a skill set that requires an understanding that you have both the ability and responsibility to command your choices.
Listen and discover the three simple tools that are available to each of us to observe, make conscious choices and then act with ease.

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Track 1 (7:59)

  • Who you are not will start to go away more quickly; the collective is pushing up against you
  • Knowing what is yours and what has nothing to do with you, is a necessary distinction
  • We will review tools on how to observe the world around you, then choose to engage or not

Track 2 (57:57)

  • Take three breaths, notice your breathing; breathe continuously in a figure 8
  • Close your eyes, bring your awareness to behind your eyes; look at the room from behind your eyes
  • Create a red rose, have the rose collect up a person who got in your space, explode the rose, repeat
  • Have a rose collect you up from where you have left yourself, explode the rose, give it all back to you
  • You can do this throughout the day, this is most valuable directly before you go to sleep
  • Create an electric line at the tip of your spine and connect it to the center of the earth, activate it
  • Create a magnetic coil that wraps around the line all the way to the center of the earth, activate it
  • Create a rose of someone who wants you to do something, or a color, drop it down the grounding cord
  • Command the chakras in the feet to open twenty percent, draw energy up from the earth into your feet
  • Run this energy up through the legs, smooth connected breaths; create a rose, call back all your energy

Complete Lecture (1:05:56)

Q&A (30:00)

  1. How do I allow the energy to flow more smoothly when I am antsy?
  2. Is my nausea an energetic adjustment?
  3. My thought when you said “who?” was myself, any comments?
  4. Are the loops in the knees connected or separate?
  5. Can I use the rose to clear songs that get stuck in my head?
  6. How do I know if I’m ready for Level 2?
  7. Is it normal not to physically connect to the exercises right away?
  8. Is there a way to smooth down a painful visit to the dentist?
  9. What is the difference between exploding a rose and dropping one down the grounding cord?
  10. Why am I drifting off?
  11. Do we need to give more attention to our grounding cord and feet chakras?
  12. I’m losing people who I thought were my friends and I feel lonely.