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Mastering Alchemy Light Sample

Mastering Alchemy Light Sample

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Webinar: Thursday, August 17
Neutrality-Life's Missed Opportunity 
Neutrality is a state of disengagement which leads to Balance. Balance then allows for observation and intentional choice. Without understanding and implementing Neutrality, choice is experienced from unbalanced reaction, not conscious intention. 

Planetary Shift video topic:
Unintended Consequences-How Do You Choose? 

Native American nations made big decisions based on how it would affect, seven generations in the future.  Today many make decisions based on the next quarter's profits. It’s an understatement to call this short-sighted. How are YOU choosing for your future and the seven generations after you? How you chose today will make a difference for you and for them.

Conversations with the Teachers of Light:
Your Soul Spirit in a Physical Body, Pt. 1

A conversation between Jim Self and Ascended Master Kuthumi ...

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Conversations with the Teachers of Light sample

Conversations with the Teache of Light - Etheric BodyYour Etheric Body - A Conversation with Master Kuthumi

Kuthumi: I want to add another piece to this teaching.  In previous discussions, we have talked about the chakra systems and how those chakra systems relate to the various bodies. We have talked about the etheric body as being the non-physical expression of the physical body.  It is the complete, exact twin or double of this physical body.  It also has a chakra system but it operates at a much different vibratory level than the physicality. You see, the etheric body does not have the limitations that the physical body does.  Where the limitation comes in, is in the neurological and the electrical and the emotional components in the body.

The etheric body provides that segue that allows higher levels of Light to enter into the physicality much quicker.  What happens is you become very, very aware of that etheric body in relationship to your physical body.  So, if there is an out of alignment piece, it can be drawn from the perfection of that Light into the etheric and then into the physicality, thus effecting a change or a healing. This enables the body to absorb it much quicker.

The merged mental/emotional body is very much a part of the etheric body and also does not have the limitations of the physical body.  The thoughts that are thought and processed within the physicality have limitations within that structure of the brain. When you get the mental/emotional, etheric, physical bodies merged into a unit, you begin to create with those bodies differently.  You create more precisely and from a much greater spectrum.  You will not have the limitations of this third dimensional body.

You can begin to create the physical body from that etheric body in a much more refined, higher vibratory level that is crystalline in nature. Just as you draw forth that Living Light into the body through the chakra system of the physical body, be very aware of your etheric body as being that twin or double.  Draw it in through the chakra system of the etheric body, then draw it into the body. The physical body, begins to replicate the image of the etheric body.  The Light is of a much higher, more refined nature.  It is more crystalline. It is not limited in any way.  The body then begins to replicate itself according to what is being drawn into it from that twin, non-physical expression of itself.  These are your reference points now.

One of the things you can do to put your awareness more in alignment with that etheric body is extend your hands, visualize the hand of your etheric body, outlining your physical hand. Move your fingers of your physical body and very consciously, move the fingers of your etheric body. This puts you more in touch with it at a level that can be accepted by the physical body.  Wiggle your toes of your physical body.  Wiggle your toes of your etheric body.  This brings it more into the physicality.
This opens up the awareness of yourself from a much broader perspective at a physical level and at a non-physical level.  Every time you move your body, consciously engage your etheric body along with that physical body.  When you extend your arm, when you walk, be conscious of that etheric body moving in the same way.  This gives a better awareness of yourself from a bigger picture.

You can see the Living Light within that etheric body.  It will teach you to become unlimited … not restricted by time, space, or any other restriction.

Webinar sample:  How to Step Out of Duality

Duality is a 3D game you don’t have to play anymore.

Learn how to step out of the good/bad, right/wrong that we’ve all been playing. 
You can experience different choices and better results.

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Lecture (13:22)
Meditation (49:38)
Lecture and meditation (01:27:01)
1. I can see how the duality game is leaving gender. There is more variety in gender now, but is that still duality?
2. I’m really tired. Could that be the waves of energy coming from the sun?
3. This journey out of duality has left me free. Free of friends, free of funds, free of good health. Now what?
4. Can you speak more on the effects of the Schumann resonance hitting 90 on Easter? Is it still high?
5. How do I get back to neutrality without losing compassion?
6. I was antsy during the meditation and couldn’t stay focused. Then I was falling asleep. What’s going on?
7. Does duality change into contrast in the fourth and fifth dimensions so we have choice vs. pushing against?
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