Miracle Stories
Miracle StoriesMiracles are all around us. All we have to do is open to the possibility that miracles not only exist, but with the right tools and mindset, we ourselves are capable of creating them.
Campus Lockdown
Something happened this afternoon that I just had to share with you. I am a teacher at an elementary school. This afternoon, we had a crisis situation, our first. Our kids were just dismissed and were getting on busses and in cars when the word came that there was a suicidal gun man in the area. We focused on the kids, cleared the 
campus and then went into lockdown mode ourselves. Cops were everywhere but still...
I realized about 15 minutes in that I was right where I wanted to be, in my higher mind, capable, senior and balanced. I was able to affect the energy with calmness 
as we sat in the dark with little information. I practiced when it didn't count, and then it just happened, like magic! I am smiling and happy. How fun is that? (the man was arrested w/o incident and no one was hurt) — CD (Level 2 participant)
Special Trip
I am soooo excited! I have had a trip on my mind for a few weeks and just put it into the 5th Ray as a possibility. The other night it became available so I made a triangle of Bolivia, Personal Growth, and Happy, Laughter, Fun and anchored it in the 4th Ray.The NEXT day funds became available, the timing of the trip was perfect and a perfect travel partner became available. Why am I surprised? I know I can do these things but it still amazes me when it happens. Thanks for being there for me I 
love the PLAY! - BF (Level 3 student)
Pain gone
I am so glad that you introduced us to the 8th Ray. On Wednesday, I needed a fan (we had just had our rugs cleaned) that was stored in the back of a closet in our new townhouse. I turned on the closet light, spotted the fan in the rear storage space. Lunged for it, but had forgotten about a very low ceiling in that area. Wham, I got hit on the top of the head, so hard that I sat down suddenly with a feeling that I had about 20 pounds on my crown chakra, with intense pain. I held it and called out to A.A. Hope and the 8th Ray. There was sudden relief. That searing, intense pain was gone in an instant. — EP
New Home
In February my full-time job ended. We were only a few months away from signing a mortgage for our new home (in a city we had moved to so I could take the job) and the birth of our second child. Instead of focusing on worry I focused on the MA material, setting my intention, and creating what I want. We are in the new home with a beautiful child, and I am building a healthy consulting business working with loving and caring people. Life is spectacular. I am enjoying the MA program. — RM
Remember— as you write and validate your own "minor" miracles, they will grow and 
soon miracles will be very much a part of your daily life.
By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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