How Do You Know What is True? | Mastering Alchemy

How Do You Know What is True?

How Do You Know What is True?


And who do you believe? How do you discern between your truth and all the noise and drama? How do you determine if the emotions you're experiencing are yours or the fear of the collective humanity? There are tools which allow the answers to be experienced smoothly. Listen to recordings below.

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1. Talking to and being around people is difficult and I seem to have isolated myself in response. What tools can I use in this Shift to cope and prevent isolation?

2. Using these tools, it is easier to be around people, except one co-worker. Is there a question I can ask to help clear him from my space and prevent this from happening with others?

3. What if I don’t see anyone in the Rose exercise about separation?

4. Why is yawning a good thing in these exercises?

5. Do we do this practice daily?

6. What is the value of being neutral when you use these tools?

7. I’ve been more forgetful lately. Could this possibly be from this work?

8. What are the other things you can do with the Rose?

9. How do I prevent other’s pain from getting all over me?

10. How can you tell the difference between your inner guidance system and someone else’s voice?


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