The Power of the Rose | Mastering Alchemy

Do you know the difference between your energy and the energy of others? Have you ever walked into a room of angry people and became angry for no reason at all? Would you like to learn how to neutralize and step away from anxiety and fears about the future?

Learn how to use the Rose as a tool of discernment and you will recognize the difference between your thoughts and emotions and the thoughts and the emotions of the world around you. This single tool allows you to create your life on your terms, stepping away from the opinions, judgments and control of others.

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Questions and Answers

  1. I used the Rose tool to clear judgment out of my space. When I did this, my brother popped up so I cleaned out his energy too. Will he notice what I did?
  2. When we make separations to people using the Rose Tool, I noticed a string of others connected to the person I chose. Is it possible to make separations to all of them at once, or do I do this to each one individually?
  3. When I was clearing out my head, the horses I own appeared here very stubbornly. If I clear them out, will they still be my friends?
  4. Can I teach these fundamental tools to my kids, and how would I do that?
  5. I’ve explored all the free content on the Mastering Alchemy website. What is in Level 1?
  6. My teen children are growing up and separating from me. Would the Rose tool be a good thing to use to allow this?
  7. What is the “cord” that goes between a child and a parent?
  8. Why did it feel painful to explode the Rose?
  9. Does the Rose changing colors when I clear people’s energy out of my head mean anything?
  10. Do dead people stay in our space, and how would that be possible?

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