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Secrets, Lies and Denials Revealed

Secrets, Lies and Denials Revealed

Mastering Alchemy - Free Webinar - Secrets, Lies and Denials Revealed


The world has engaged in the next phase of evolution. The secrets, lies and denials are now and will continue to come to the surface. Look around. But it's not the world's lies you need to focus is yours. Unattended too they will come forth in an unmanaged manner. However recognizing them without engaging, they are released with a simple shift in awareness.


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Part One

Track 1 (26:06) Lecture
Track 2 (39:42) Exercise
Track 3 (29:19) Q&A

Complete Part One  (01:35:08)

Part 1 Questions and Answers

  1. Friends and I are experiencing physical illness or discomfort.  How can we navigate through these times?
  2. When others are angry with me how is it possible to like me?
  3. Could you speak to the exhaustion and tiredness I am feeling lately?
  4. How does the concept of reincarnation fit into the teachings of Mastering Alchemy?
  5. How long will the shift take from the third to the fourth?  How close are we?
  6. I’ve been and will be mad at my kids.  Do you have a suggestion as to how to help them get into their space?
  7. Could you give me some perspective on managing the abundant energy I’ve had since starting MA?
  8. Can you elaborate more on how these energetics are affecting our nervous system?
  9. I’m interested in developing my clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathic abilities.  What can I do to help this process?
  10. My dysfunctional, victim playing, twin brother is like a dead weight pulling me down.  How can I use the tools to help?
  11. I was a marine in Afghanistan.  I did some bad things and didn’t step up to prevent other bad things.  Forgiving myself is not easy.

Part Two
Track 1 (34:01)  Lecture
Track 2 (37:35)  Meditation
Track 3 (31:04)  Q&A

Compelte Part Two (01:42:41)

Part 2 - Questions and Answers

  1. Is there ever an end point to a truth, a universal truth?
  2. Are the current teenagers and young children also releasing the things that don’t serve them?
  3. Do we leave the chakras this way, turned down?
  4. I balanced my male and female energies in level one.  Does it get out of balance?
  5. Sometimes no matter what I do I feel unable to shift my vibration from the lower one.  Do you recommend going through negative emotions or to practice these tools in that lower state of consciousness?
  6. Does our spiritual ‘amnesia’ serve a purpose for the evolution of our souls, or is it just due to the fall into 3-D?
  7. What will happen to those who remain unconscious in the third dimension?