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Present-Time Holds Your Power to Create

Present-Time Holds Your Power to Create

Time is an application not a fixed condition.  Would you like to learn how to change your past and restructure your future? Join us to learn what's possible.

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Questions and Answers

  1. Who or what changed the third dimensional operating system in 2012?
  2. Please explain what you mean by “hiding”.
  3. What do you mean by “this is a working session”? This didn’t feel like work to me.
  4. You talked about the Rays of Creation. What are they?
  5. This week I’ve been exhausted. I went to the doctor but nothing showed up. Is my body doing a reboot?
  6. Do you have any direct experience of the help humanity is receiving from the Archangels in this time of transition?

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Lecture (23:19)
Meditation (43:07)
Q&A (25:48)
Closing Comments (01:51)
Complete Call (01:32:59)