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The Third and Fourth Chakras

The Third and Fourth Chakras

Kuthumi: Now, I wish to move on to that third chakra. These are just informative, little vignettes that I am giving. As we progress in this teaching we will work more precisely with each chakra not only the reprogramming, but the energetic revitalization of each chakra.

The third chakra is known as your power center. From a third dimensional perspective it is very compromised because very little of the energetics of the second Ray flow into that chakra. The programming that originated in the first chakra comes into play through the third. All of that fear and survival is present in the third chakra. The thought components of ‘less than’ are contained in that chakra and maintained through the power of the third chakra. It is maintained in the separateness through the individual’s expressions of power. So, is it any wonder why power in the third dimension is so misunderstood and misused?

There is a protective mechanism also in this chakra from a third dimensional perspective. It must protect the image that is created in the first chakra. The image of who you are must be protected at all costs. This is done through the power of the third chakra. It does not allow for the true nature of that Soul to come forth. The innocence that is available as the energetics begin to flow into the second chakra are cut off at the third chakra and the innocence is lost. The parental programming is very, very present in that chakra. So, can you see how it functions not in the unit at all, but in complete separateness?

Jim: Yes I do.

Kuthumi: As the energetics of the second Ray begin to flow in the system and as the vibrations are altered in the first and second chakras, then more of that energy is available in the third chakra. Awareness of the first Ray and of Creator is gained by the Soul. The presence and the unity of that awareness is now available in the third chakra through the second Ray color coding that now becomes available. And, the rational mind  is disengaged.

We haven’t spoken of the fourth chakra, which is the Heart. You already understand how that is disconnected in the system in a third dimension. The power is totally imbalanced and in a protective / survival mode. It does not allow for the appreciation of self. Only the condemnation of self that moves through the lower chakras.

Jim: Yes. Sure.

Kuthumi: Therefore the appreciation and the availability of the essence of the first Ray of Creation, which is Love, is unavailable. There is not an energetic flow or an availability of those energetics in the second Ray to even begin to be accessed by the fourth chakra.

This is a very abbreviated explanation of what occurs in third dimension. Where we are now, as fifth dimensional expressions of Creator, is beginning to realign, re-energize and create entirely different vibratory sequences and electromagnetic fields that surround and compose the first four chakras. This will alter greatly the way in which you function in the physical world and the way in which you create in the physical realm.

These are the things that I wish to bring out at this time, before we begin to work in depth with these chakras. 

Jim: This is wonderful. This is going to be a very exciting class. 

Kuthumi: I thank you for receiving me today. I will withdraw now. Blessings. 

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together. 

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration the Level 3 course unfolded.

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