Time - Altering the Future Now. | Mastering Alchemy

person wearing a blue coat and burnt orage backpack holding climbing poles looking into a ravineYou cannot change the past in the past nor can you create the future in the future. But you can rearrange your past and create the future you wish to experience in Present Time. Join us to learn how.

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  1. How does it benefit us when we put the Mental and Emotional bodies back together?
  2. Please expand on turning my chakras up or down.
  3. How do I hold on to this space?
  4. Will the Rose tool clear away the heavy stuff I’ve done in the past so I may forgive myself?
  5. Is this beautiful webinar getting recorded?

  6. When you got us to Quiet, My attention moved to other places. Is this just a matter of doing this exercise more often?

  7. Can the Rose be used to lighten and clear physical challenges?

  8. I’m not sleepy, but I fell asleep during the meditation.

  9. Can this work clear out dementia or Alzheimer’s ahead of time?

  10. I’m skeptical of channeling and those who do it.  However, the transcriptions in your new book, sit right with me.  Is your Level 2 an opportunity to play more with these Angels and Beings? 

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Lecture to Meditation (56:13)
Question & Answer (27:22)
Complete Call: (01:23:35)
Seminario octubre de 2021