Time Is Not What You Think! | Mastering Alchemy

ripples in sandYou have the ability to be in two places at the same time. However, you may not understand what that means or how to have the experience. As the Shift in Consciousness unfolds, you're being presented with the opportunity to step into a higher state of consciousness. Altering time is a skill that will become very useful. 

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  1. How is time structured in the dream space and how can we apply it?
  2. How is worry about the future related to time?
  3. Can the Holy Spirit only be accessed in present time?
  4. Is choice based on imagination?
  5. Comment: Thank you for this powerful question: “does it have any value to you right now”?
  6. Do we play in the Etheric body when using virtual reality? Is the Etheric body what we embody in the new realm?
  7. How do we stay out of other people's energetic space? And how do we tell our projections from our perceptions?
  8. Is being in the Center of the Head more of a detaching or pulling in?
  9. Could you explain more about how ‘things come to you’ in circular time?
  10. It’s difficult for me to align with my flow at work.  What might be the case here?
  11. Things from the past feel stuck in the physical body. Any thoughts on clearing this old, stuck energy?

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Non-Downloadable MP3's: 
Lecture (39:37)
Meditation (19:06)
Question & Answer (32:55)
Complete Call (01:31:37)
El Tiempo No Es lo que Tú Piensas (44:58)
El Tiempo No Es lo que Tú Piensas Meditación (19:17)