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Time Space - Why it Distorts Your Reality

Time Space - Why it Distorts Your Reality

Time is an application not a fixed reality. Understand how to change time and you will understand how to totally change what you believe to be your reality.

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Audio Files:
Track 1 (17:09) Lecture
Track 2 (35:00) Lecture
Track 3 (34:16)  Q&A

Complete Call (1:26:25)

Questions and Answers

  1. Can I ground other people, crying babies, barking dogs or is that invading their space?
  2. When I sit in the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond, time and space do not exist.  How do I bring that feeling into my walking around life rather than just my meditation time?
  3. Is it desirable to close down the lower centers when your intention is to bring Heaven on Earth?  
  4. What is vibration, like in raising vibrations?
  5. In listening to Jim’s webinars I used to yawn and yawn.  Last time I felt like I was listening from another place?  What was happening?
  6. Pertaining to dimensions, my daughter claims things I’m sure never happened.  Are we in two different dimensions, or is she just lying?
  7. Our beliefs, even from our culture, can be shifted.  Is it accurate to say certain things or illnesses cannot harm us if we hold our beliefs in a higher place?  
  8. When I get in an uncomfortable feeling in my third chakra, how do I know if I’m feeling an expansion beyond my comfort zone or if I made a wrong decision?
  9. Do the three waves have names?
  10. I can use the tools to clear the anxiety when I’m triggered but I’m having trouble stopping the full body nervous reaction.  Are there tools that I’m missing?
  11. Are any of our tools particularly useful for creating stepping into the Dream?
  12. How do I manage my energy when my closest loved ones are in third dimension?

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Time-Space Why it Distorts Reality, Lecture Track 1
Time-Space Why it Distorts Reality, Lecture Track 2
Time-Space Why it Distorts Reality, Complete Call
Time-Space Why it Distorts Reality, Q&A