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Time: What is It? How Does It Work? How Do You Use It?

Time: What is It? How Does It Work? How Do You Use It?

Time is an application, it is not a fixed constant in the universe. Time can be experienced in different formats as linear time, circular time, simultaneous time and more. Creating within these different formats of time is directly related to the layer of thought you are creating within. By understanding how to consciously manage thought you will to begin to understand how to manipulate time to create your desired result. It's not rocket science, but some assembly is required.
Time is a creative gift when you know how to use it.

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Part 1 Questions and Answers

  1. When time stands still is that a fractal?
  2. While i'm listening to you, I feel like there is a lot more going on energetically than just you speaking to us. Could you speak about this please?
  3. Is it a correct statement that we have the impression of time passing because of sequence of events which is our movement or events happening?
  4. In the buddhist practice it is said that we choose to create ourseleves into existence, this seems like the same principle you're talking about with creating what we choose. Could you please speak to this?
  5. Living in 5D awareness I can choose my thoughts, but how can i clear the negative subconscious thoughts in a fast way? Choosing a new thought does not feel powerful for me because there's always an inner voice that believes something else.
  6. What happens before, during, and after the process of death?


Part 2 Questions and Answers


  1.  I love the concept and energy of What If? It gives me a feeling of freedom and all possibilities. My challenge is to hold this habit as I walk thru the 3D world. Do you have a trick for holding this energy as I am bombarded by the world out there?
  2. Is there a technique for getting hours of activity in minutes of clock time? Does this come up in level 2 or 3?
  3. Please very briefly review the 5 layers of Present time.
  4. I was wondering about owning my space and what that actually looks like visually. Do I imagine my energy expanding out to fill the space and what I choose to experience within it?
Wonderfull experience that "what if" place filled with my presence. The baton is clearly with us to practice choice. How do we deal with packages of denial coming up in that process, or does the high vibration prevent their appearance?
  6. Could you expand some on the circular time with some examples of what it looks like?