Tools to Navigate This Changing World | Mastering Alchemy

mist running through a gullyThe world is changing around you. How do you navigate what’s coming? Learn the tools that allow you to navigate with ease and certainty.

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  1. I'm a pianist. What do you mean by octave? Is it musical?
  2. Comment:  I feel so much more relaxed and present. I was mired in 3D. I feel great now.
  3. How do we get out of this illusion?
  4. How do I deal with an overactive mind?
  5. Comment:  Even though I’ve played with these tools for years, the most fundamental tools are still powerful!
  6. I considered myself an organized person until Covid struck. It's been a challenge to be in control of my life since then. Suggestions?
  7. I get very sleepy while doing the meditations. Why?
  8. How do I use this allowing and creating in the fifth dimension?
  9. I feel guilt around "how can I be happy and others are not”?

  10. How might I become more present in the dream rather than being the witness?

  11. Comment:  This was beautiful.  I'll remember this practice as One Breath Poetry.

  12. Can you elaborate on "connecting the dots"?

  13. You said Earth's been taken hostage. How is that and by whom?

  14. How can I be receptive to wisdom from my higher being, guides, and universal wisdom?

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Lecture (25:13)
Meditation (37:17)
Question & Answer (27:14)
Complete Call (01:29:45)