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The Truth About Masculine and Feminine EnergyOver the previous two months we have defined masculine creative energy (straight lines and angles) and feminine creative energy (swirls and curves). We discussed what happens when those creative energies are out of balance with each other, when one is dominating and one is weak. Please keep in mind that we are talking about your personal creative energy here, not bodies and genders. We also talked a bit about how each one of us gets in this place of misalignment. Do take the time to read the previous months’ articles too. There is much there.
When your masculine and feminine creative energies are aligned, balanced and playing well together, you are in the higher fourth dimensional state of being. As you’ve heard me say previously, we all move between the third and fourth dimensions throughout our daily life. We live in both simultaneously. (For an explanation of the differences between third, fourth and fifth dimensions, please see previous articles, “What ARE the 3rd and 4th Dimensions?” and “The Way of Life in the 5th Dimension” Briefly, higher vibrational words such as ease, laughter, community, co-creation, respect, admiration, appreciation, balance are experienced when we are in the fourth. Versus denser, slower experiences like competition, depression, guilt, blame, victim, which are only experienced when we are in the third. In the fourth, there is no lack. There are no limitations. There are no ‘shoulds’ or ‘should nots’ and you cannot do anything “wrong” there.

When healthy masculine energy is in relationship with the healthy feminine, masculine creativity has the room and the opportunity to come up with new ideas and build new plans. He now has the motivation and drive to learn, grow and expand into new realms of possibility. Masculine feels validated and has the support to explore new structures he can build for the feminine to create within. Healthy masculine energy also loves balanced female energy and says, “How can I uplift, nurture, and provide for this feminine creativity? How can I assist her in creating her dreams? Together we can create new worlds”. This occurs within each of us individually as well as within an external relationship. The man builds the raised garden beds and the woman plants and tends the vegetables and herbs. I’m sure you’ve seen two (or more) people come together and do some pretty wonderful things as a team. Remember Jobs and Wozniak?

When healthy feminine creative energy is in alignment and balance with the healthy masculine, it has the structure and scaffolding necessary for creativity. It can easily and passionately design and plan, execute, and bring to fruition its dreams. It can fully focus on its studies and research; its writing and craft; the music and math that it loves so well. Balanced masculine energy provides structure, dependability and stability. It is reliable; there is a focus, strength, and a sense of protection for the feminine energy to experience itself safely and with permission. When feminine energy is safe and has permission, it is expansive and creative. The masculine creates a container or field that offers the feminine a dependable space to create and be happy. It is from this balance of give and take that a flow unfolds. It is then that the feminine can say, “I would like a house.” “When did I say that?” she replies. “Really what I want is to move to the beach and have a house there.”

And the masculine energy smiles and says: “I can build this for you. How big and what color?”

There is then a give and take, a cooperation and co-creation. The feminine says, “What you have built is wonderful. Can we build a garden also? Is it possible to add a couple of birdhouses too? What about…?” As the feminine creates further and wider, the masculine expands the structure to make plenty of room for her swirls and curves. There is balance. There is the shared thrill of creating in passion together. As an example in my life, I happily built a trellis for Roxane, and she is happily planting pole beans.

In this higher fourth dimensional balance, this combined creative energy becomes very powerful and has the capacity to simply look at the third dimensional world and say, “I hear your opinion of me not being worthy. That is not where I choose to go. Thank you very much.” There is no discussion or negotiation. No energy is thrown and no one is invalidated. You make your choice then you dust off your sandals and set about your business, allowing that other person the room to go about theirs.

Bringing the Masculine and Feminine into Alignment

In parts 1 and 2 of this series we described four ways that the feminine and masculine are out of sync with each other and suggested you begin observing others in your world that demonstrate these aspects. This curious observation is still a good idea.

Another way to identify, experience, and begin to anchor masculine and feminine energy into your creative process is in the vibration of words. Words are a simple, easy place to begin to re-wire your masculine and feminine creative energy into balance. I have given you examples of seven powerful words, the Seven Living Words, in both the audio and article archives. These words are part of your natural alignment to the love that you are—the essence of who you have always been but have turned away from because the relationship to those “out there” was more important than the relationship to the you “in here.”

So let me give you a sense of the masculine and feminine nature in these seven special words (and others). Be playful with this. There is no right or wrong way of having this experience.

Masculine words have straight lines and angles. When you become or wear that word as an energy in your space, you can get a sense of the straight lines and angles. Feminine words have curves and swirls. A word that has a masculine nature to it would be, for example, the word, Capable. So would you take a breath and feel the feeling of being Capable. Nobody’s opinion counts here but yours. Would you take a breath and feel within your body the strength of being Capable. Your body might want to sit up straight; your head may want to go back. Your shoulders may want to move back. It is a sense of “Yes, I am Capable.” Just pretend. Make it up at first if you have to. Capable, in this case, has a structure to it. It can be felt as a masculine word. Just feel its stability.

Now, would you add to Capable the vibration and feeling of being Certain about yourself. Is there anything that you do well? Can you tie your shoes? Are you Certain? Can you do it every time? Absolutely. I am Capable and Certain. Let your body be and feel these words. Let these two words create the structure or container (masculine) within which feminine creativity can experience itself. Without the structure and container, feminine words and creative energy flow out in a scattered way, with no direction. When you pour water onto a table without the benefit of a cup, you have a big mess.

Now would you find the feeling of Ease. It is like an exhale. This word has a more feminine energy in it. Ease has no structure to it. Would you let your attention Focus (masculine) on Ease while you are being Certain and Capable. Each one of us has masculine and feminine creativity within us. Certain, Capable, Ease. Let yourself experience the feminine flow and would you not only feel Ease but would you also like yourself.

I Like Me has no boundaries, no edges, no lines and no angles. I Like Me. And now would you give yourself Permission. Permission has no lines. It is “Wow, I can do this!” You are building a container of Certain, Focus, and Capable to allow Ease and Permission to have its freedom. Now would you find another feminine word. Would you find the vibration of Kindness, which is very powerful and very feminine.

Now one last word: Would you allow Appreciation to begin to flow within your space. Allow yourself to Appreciate the Capability and Certainty that you now have Permission to experience. Allow it to be very Focused.

Another suggestion: Create lists of masculine and feminine words. Wear one of each every day. Experiment. Also, begin to play by choosing a “masculine” word and finding the feminine aspect of it. You might quickly recognize the straight lines and angles of Certainty but see if you can touch the “feminine” aspect of that word too. The feminine might hold Certainty when the row of lettuce she just planted is sure to germinate. The feminine word, Gentle, also has a masculine aspect. Like a gentle grandfather, holding the infant. Get the picture?

You might also become aware in your daily life of how you create. Begin to consciously, intentionally incorporate both feminine and masculine creativity. For example: If you have a big project at work, say designing a new marketing campaign, it is important to understand the budget you have to work within and what online ads cost. It is also important to understand the limitations and size/color specifications required for online advertising. If you instead simply rushed into designing ads (feminine), without the understanding and structure (masculine) of the system you might have a beautiful but useless piece of advertising. Create the structure or foundation first, and then happily create within it.

You are powerful. You are big. You are significant. You have never been small and you have always been the little child who was Capable and talented with Certainty and Ease. You just simply let a grown-up talk you out of it for a moment and now that moment is over. Right now you are Certain and Capable and Focused. You are in Appreciation, Permission and Ease again. “I like me”—just like you did as that little child.

As you balance this masculine and feminine creative energy and begin to choose which to use in each situation, the world around you will change significantly. It is all about you. You are the only one that counts and when you can begin to consciously choose how to create, you are going to find that the light that you hold becomes so magnetic that your service to others will be effortless.

By Jim Self

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