Understand How Your Lower Three Chakras Work | Mastering Alchemy

Understand How Your Lower Three Chakras Work

Understand How Your Lower Three Chakras Work

Does you third chakra hurt? Do you feel other people's emotions? Do you feel a sense of survival or imbalance? Learn the language of your lower three chakras. Learn how to adjust them to alter your experience.

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Questions and Answers

  1. When I look at my chakras the colors change each day. What is that about?
  2. I have a female body and when I was turning down the third chakra down, I felt nauseous. Also, did I hear you liken our imagination to our clairvoyant ability?
  3. Why is 10% opening better than being wide open?
  4. I’ve lost weight around my third chakra from doing MA program.
  5. Does turning down my female chakra energy increase my male energy?
  6. When would I want to increase the speed of my chakras?
  7. Three triads plus 3 lower chakras for a total of 12, where are the other two chakras?
  8. What is the fall of consciousness?
  9. Why do I get pain in my solar plexus area when I’m doing things I love to do?
  10. Why would a voice change to a hoarse voice after a grief experience?
  11. I’ve felt my chakras more open when I’m relaxed and close down when I’m not. Is this opposite?
  12. I seem to have a lot of clogged energy in my third chakra, more so lately. Do you have any comment?

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Meditation (32:35)
Q&A (33:07)
Complete Call (1:35:55)