What’s the Difference Between Feelings and Emotions? | Mastering Alchemy

snow stormUnderstanding the difference sets your life path, choices, and experiences in two very different directions. Enjoy this free class.

September 8, 2022

 What's Level 1?  

Questions asked:

  1. Comment: I sense the relief from letting go of judgments. Thank you.
  2. Who will I be when all this baggage goes away?
  3. What are the best tools to remove a negative physical condition?
  4. Is there a downside to closing down the lower chakras?
  5. Expand on the center of the head and the higher mind?
  6. When you said I had nothing to do, my mind immediately went to all the things I do have to do.
  7. Are feelings 5D experiences & emotions 3D experiences?
  8. Comment: Mastering Alchemy is Awsome!!!
  9. I can’t quite feel the word Happy. Any tricks?
  10. I noticed a big shift in my mood during this work. Is this what Level 1 is all about?
  11. Comment: I and We absolutely needed this shot in the arm.
  12. Comment: This path is the best way I've  spent my time and money.
  13. Is my desire to “hide” because I’m also sympathetic or empathetic?
  14. What is Project Park Bench?
  15. It isn’t "safe" to express my feelings in certain family situations. Will this ever change?


Non-Downloadable MP3's: 
Lecture (31:00)
Energy Exercise (28:12)
Questions & Answers (29:19)
Complete Call (01:28:33)
Conferencia (35:56)
Ejercicio de Energía (29:57)