What are Dimensions? How Do You Navigate Them? | Mastering Alchemy

What are Dimensions? How Do You Navigate Them?

What are Dimensions? How Do You Navigate Them?

Dimensions are not places. They are not of form. Dimensions are energetic vibrational fields of consciousness which operate differently from one another. Have you ever played a game without knowing the rules? How did you do? Understanding the rules, structures and limitations of each dimension will allow you to create with ease, joy and success. Join us.

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1. How do I trust the voice of intuition that can be so strong, yet at the same time extremely counter intuitive?
2. How are feelings different from emotions?
3. Is it true lighter thoughts are more magnetic than the denser ones?
4. If time and space move through me does that make me static? Or do I move too?
5. Am I choosing to carry the rocks in my backpack?
6. How can I make sure it’s spirit advising me and not ego pretending to be spirit?
7. How do the three waves of light affect the third, forth and fifth dimension?

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Closing Comments (3:45)
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