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What is the Mastering Alchemy Adventure?As new groups form for Mastering Alchemy Level 2 and Level 3, we have been asked by many to expand further upon what material is covered in these programs.
Level 1
The Level 1 course is obviously the pre-requisite for the Level 2 program. Briefly, the purpose of the Level 1 course is to establish a foundation from which to become much more consciously aware of yourself in present time. From here you begin to develop the ability to recognize and choose from new and different options to create a life that supports you.

This is done by remembering and re-creating your Personal Power Field, which allows you to hold a greater focus and attention within a higher dimensional consciousness. Simple, practical tools and strategies are also presented for daily use that assist you in greater personal mastery.
Level 2
The first three months of the adventure called Level 2 is designed to give you additional tools that expand your perspective of what is possible for you to create and experience in your life. You will begin to become more aware of the quiet point of observation within your Higher Mind and more intentional about making decisions from your heart.
The skills and abilities learned in the first three months help you build a framework, a platform upon which to begin to know yourself with greater clarity, ease and balance. We take the seven Living Words learned in Level 1 and expand upon them, creating stable emotional templates that allow you to choose well-being instead of engaging in the drama and noise of the collective consciousness that surrounds you. You will also build a new stability within your mental and emotional bodies, establishing a dependable structure in which to be in the world, but not of the world.
Additionally, you will start to become conscious of drawing wisdom and knowledge from your Higher Self. This is done at first without clear definition. It just happens, and you suddenly begin to be aware that you are shifting and experiencing yourself in new ways. Old patterns and habits fall away and are not even remembered.
As you step into the second six months of Level 2, you begin to choose and create experiences more intentionally and with focus. This is when the shift into a more refined geometric field of energy occurs, changing the Octahedron into the Star Tetrahedron. With this higher vibrational geometric field firmly in place, your ability to be aware of emotions and emotional patterns that do not support you, increases. You receive additional strategies to dismantle them without experiencing the emotion of that experience. In other words, patterns such as jealousy, isolation, resentment, hiding and fears are dismantled without re-experiencing the pain. From here, very powerful, simple tools are applied based on the foundation that was created in the first three months.
The next set of tools comprises the fundamental foundation of your Ascension. Here, you begin to open new aspects of the upper chakra system and learn how to utilize and integrate these aspects into the Unified Field of Consciousness. This understanding allows you to begin to live in the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart and know yourself in new ways that have not been possible prior to this time.
As these new centers are opened, you begin to experience expanded access to your Soul and your Soul’s wisdom, which are not available in the old third dimensional box. You are introduced to enormous gifts from the Creator known as the Rays of Creation. The Rays are the building blocks of All That Is. Knowing and using these Rays, you begin to be conscious of what makes everything in the physical universe work. And you use the Rays to create for yourself.
This Level 2 journey enables you to begin to both recognize and draw knowledge from the higher fields of awareness as well as to remember how to think outside of the rational mind. Here’s where you begin to have a conscious awareness of choosing a higher dimensional frame of reference that has no engagement in the noise, fear or drama of the life you are currently living. Here, you begin to experience what being a citizen of the fifth dimension is all about, not from an intellectual point of reference, but as a very real visceral experience.
Level 3
Level 2 puts the foundation in place for you to consciously recognize your truth, think with your heart and act from the wisdom of your Soul, and it prepares you for Level 3. In the body of work called Level 3, you do many things.
You will merge the mental and emotional bodies into one.
You will integrate your Soul into your heart and know yourself as Soul.
You will reconstruct the lower four chakras, returning them to their original configuration of vitality and wholeness.
You will understand and begin to live within dynamics of the divine, feminine expression of the Creator.
There are many, many more experiences and steps within the Level 3 program. Each session is verbally taught by Jim, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. Those beings of Light are fully present and participate in your sessions. Their guidance is felt. Their goal is very clear – to turn the molecular structure of the physical body into light. This particular path to Ascension has never been experienced. Humanity wasn’t ready. The Archangels and Masters are confident it is possible now and are guiding us there. This is an experiment, and you are the experiment!
This Journey
Together, Levels 1, 2 and 3 are a journey, not a destination. This journey, or pathway, was specifically designed by the Archangels and Masters. The adventure is your constant unfolding as a great spiritual being, remembering yourself. This journey requires your attention and is not for everyone. Some assembly is required. This practice is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, but you have to take the steps. No one can do this for you. This is an experiential journey, not one of philosophy or intellectual discussion. It is an adventure, one in which many thousands are participating and thoroughly enjoying.
By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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