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Where Did You Get the Thoughts You Think?

Where Did You Get the Thoughts You Think?

What if most of the thoughts you think and beliefs you hold don’t even belong to you? Then whose belief is this? When these questions are asked from a point of wanting to understand yourself, what you want and what you create will dramatically change. Join us to unravel who you are not and begin to embrace who you truly are. Listen to the recordings below.

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1. I’ve heard you say the slower you go the faster you arrive. Can you speak more about that?
2. How did Yeshua and the other Ascended Masters deal with the 3D world? How could they stand all that’s out there?
3. All around me people are “losing it” - with angry and attacking energy. I’m able to separate from it but I wonder why it seems to be amplifying? Is it connected to the waves of light, the shifting dimensions?
4. I find myself falling out of this way of being. When I have to take care of something quickly when work gets chaotic. It can be a while before I realize I’m out of it. How do I move quickly while still keeping this awareness?
5. I’ve not started Level 1 yet. I’m unclear on the layers of thought.
6. When a red button is pushed, is it due to a thought that comes first and then the body feels it? Or does the body feel it then the mind think it?
7. I’m unclear how other people’s free will plays into what I want to create. What if other people are involved in my creation but they have their own will and creative ability and it’s different than mine?
8. Can we consciously avoid the negative influences of coming technology?
9. I keep hearing Christ consciousness and I’ve taken it for granted as that being the “All”. If not Christ consciousness, then what else is there?
10. How can I get rid of all the negative emotions through magnetic grounding? Do I ground as much as I need to?
11. Why are you just coming to my attention now? And where would I start transcribing your vocabulary into my own to assist my ascension?


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