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Where We Are Going

Where We Are Going

Metatron:  Greetings.  It is I, Metatron.  I am here as a spokesperson for the Angelic Realm and to lay some conceptual formatting down. As we do that, there will be much interaction that will take place between myself, you and the students, Uriel and Michael, in these next few classes.  We are all very anxious to expand the foundation that we have created.

The next few classes will cover the first three Rays and building vibratory rates within the physical body.  These vibratory rates are necessary so that you can begin to operate in a multidimensional frequency range with Light, sound and color.  Color will be discussed greatly in the next few sessions in regards to the chakras and to the vibration that color brings to the mix.

Uriel will be very actively participating. He is the overseer of the Light frequencies from the inner realms as you begin to build higher frequency rates within the physical body itself.  You will have complete unity with Higher Consciousness and with the interior realms of Creation directly from Prime Creator or Source. Michael is very key in this process as he is a Creator of Light in the physical realm, as well as the protector and preserver of the integrity and the original schematic of Creation.

This is a little of what will be transpiring.  I am just laying some of these foundational concepts out, so that as we proceed you have some understanding of the venue that we wish to explore at this time. The majority of the students have been very diligent in their reception of this material and their ability to use it to a great degree.  They are very devoted to their ascension process and to their own personal escalation of consciousness, which we are very pleased with.

You have been concentrating on the first four chakras, how they operate and how to build a greater vibratory rate within so they begin to match the vibration of the higher chakras that are used within the spin mechanism. The spin mechanism is a great gift that you have received because it enables you to increase the vibratory rates within each Triad.  And, when you are able to do that, it affects the individual chakras within those Triads.

As we build the frequency range and the vibratory range of the first four chakras, they begin to be in coherent operation with the entire chakra system. We are now interested in teaching you how to create even higher vibratory rates within the entire chakra system so that the vibratory rates continue to escalate.  As you create the escalation in the ranges that you are able to use and sustain within the physical body, you have more access to Universal Mind. Not from a perspective of understanding but from a perspective of using the energetics and the creative impetus that is available through the Universal Mind.

The next few classes will begin to create the foundation for this escalation. We will begin with the first four chakras and then continue to work with each individual chakra. We will weave in the use of the Triads. We will weave in the presence of the Holy Spirit and the El Shaddai. We will weave in the first three Rays of Creation. We have given you information on these Rays, but it was very basic information.  Now we wish to show you how they are usable to create, hold and escalate the consciousness within the physical form. We will begin to create the vibratory rates and the Light frequency patterns so that not only is the consciousness raised, but real effects can be seen within the physical body as we begin to approach creating a change in the carbon based molecular system. This goes hand-in-hand with your ability to create higher frequencies that are sustainable and levels of consciousness as they pertain to interdimensional access and usability.

It stands to reason, if you are talking about changes within the physical body and within the physical realm, that much work has to be done within those first four chakras. They pertain very definitely to the physical body and the physical realm. They also pertain to your expression as one, individualized Soul and your ability to connect the Soul to the Monad and the Over Soul. The Over Soul is very much in unity with Universal Mind.

This is the direction we are moving.  We are moving toward changing the molecular structure of the physical body. We are moving toward changing the frequency ranges and the vibratory rates that are able to be sustained.  All of these things go hand-in-hand to produce the changes that you desire.

This is a conversation between Jim and Archangel Metatron in preparation for a Mastering Alchemy class. Communication through Joan Walker.