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Your Attention Point is the Key to Your Ascension

Your Attention Point is the Key to Your Ascension

Caterpillar…you are about to become a Butterfly. But be aware - this is now a rapidly expanding journey AND your attention is required. From here forward sloppy, careless and random thoughts and actions can no longer be part of your habit or vocabulary. Conscious choice and curiosity will serve you better and be much more enjoyable.
Ever wonder what the Veils of Ignorance were? They are what separate you from your focused attention point and your ability to create your Ascension. Curiosity will find the path and attention will place your next step precisely in the excitement of the conscious choice.


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Track 1 (42:13)

  • This shift in consciousness has changed a lot of the dynamics of energy
  • The good news is you have your freedom, the bad news is “what do I do with this now that I’m free?”
  • One of the pieces of the process of ascension is your attention point, what you put your attention on
  • As you hold your attention on how things are, to a great extent, you will continue to experience that
  • By bringing your attention point into your energy field, you create choice in present time
  • In the guiding force of your own presence, you begin to access different frequency ranges of pattern
  • Your attention point brings the mental-emotional body into alignment
  • Lessons from all lifetimes are stored in the causal body
  • As the etheric body begins to radiate, it reflects into the physical body its original schematic
  • The advantage each human has today, the unified field of consciousness has been anchored in the heart
  • As you raise your vibration into well-being, you create a new set of habits aligned with the heart


Track 2 (16:38)

  • Notice yourself, smooth, connected breaths; breathe your eyes closed; be pleased with yourself
  • Bring your attention to the center of your head; three smooth breaths; breathe your eyes open
  • Your attention point has the capacity to hold the awareness of out there, and two feet away
  • Find the feeling of happy, let your eyes close, happy; emotions and feelings are right now
  • Shift to feeling pleased with yourself; then happy; as you find present time, you are inside your aura


Complete Lecture (58:51)

Q&A (42:25)

  1. How will we know we’ve reached the fifth dimension?
  2. Can you comment on “there are no bad people”?
  3. If I stay in my aura, will I not get upset about government accountability?
  4. Do you have feedback on me falling asleep during the sessions?
  5. I had an experience of being in 5-D while texting with someone in 3-D.
  6. Is it more effective to manifest while being in the center of your head?
  7. Should I convince myself not to move my body while you guide us?
  8. How do I let go of the endless emotional and physical pain?


In order to live in the Present Time moment of the 5th dimension it is necessary to have an understanding of a very simple framework of concepts. It is from here that you begin to comprehend that the power of your focused Attention Point is the Key to your Ascension and personal evolution. In this session you will experience some of the concepts that build that Framework.

Track 1 (19:49)

  • This is a journey of your own soul’s evolution. There is no entitlement. Some assembly is required.
  • On 12-12-12 the door to the third dimension was closed but our 3-d habits, beliefs, and emotions are still present.
  • 5th dimension requires a different type of attention.
  • Holding your attention point in “I’m not OK” keeps it alive and slows your process on your journey of evolution.
  • When you close your eyes your brain automatically changes its state of consciousness. We will do an exercise that interrupts that programming and instead allows you to stay present when your eyes close.
  • Keeping your attention upon your breathing allows you to shift your focus (attention point) internal and remain present in yourself.


Track 2 (49:54)

  • Eyes open, take 3 circular breaths, focusing on your breathing in and out. Notice doing so shifts your focus internal and allows you to be present and bypass the noisy thoughts that habitually arise when you close your eyes.
  • Keeping your attention on your breathing, close your eyes, without losing that sense of being present.
  • When you hold your attention point inside your body you are conscious within yourself and everything in the universe comes to you.
  • Notice the quiet, be aware of being right behind your eyes.
  • Eyes remain closed, gaze at room around you as if your eyes were open. Then allow your eyes to open but keep attention internal on breathing so that room is there but not the focus of your attention.
  • Then allow the focus to shift to the room but don’t go to the room. Let the room come to you.
  • Eyes closed, focus internal on breathing. Recall happy memory. Feel the happy. Be aware of yourself being aware of yourself. Holding your attention on a vibrational platform like this creates a reference point in the 5th dimension. Observe without analyzing, thinking, figuring out, etc. The rational mind cannot experience the 5th dimension. Memory is of the past, but feelings only happen in the present.
  • Feel capable, senior (this is who I am), happy. Happy dinner party. These exercises create a harmonic resonance between emotional and mental bodies, unifying them. As you hold from this platform you have access to a greater range of vibrational frequency and can tap into the resources and possibilities of all that is. These tools allow the structure to observe the noise around you without going there, allowing the remains of the 3rd dimension to dissolve more quickly.


Complete Lecture (1:09:43)

Q&A (34:51)

  1. What is the Holy Spirit?
  2. Comment: I didn’t want to come back.
  3. How does the mercaba relate to the octahedron?
  4. Comment: My energy isn’t tied up with the object I’m looking at.
  5. How should an empath take care of their own energy field?
  6. Does it get easier with less resistance with more practice?
  7. How will we become more crystalline?
  8. Is there an energetic reason behind what is happening in Turkey right now?