Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own! | Mastering Alchemy

pink sunset sky with crossroads signSo who’s are they? And how did they get in your head? Most importantly - how can you get them out? And keep them out? Join us for a few tools to do just that.

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  1. How do you pick the topics for your seminars and do you welcome suggestions?
  2. Comment:  I’m just beginning Level 1 but I feel like you are describing my life. I love this stuff.
  3. Is the Rose connected to the Magdalene lineage?  Is it a powerful tool for that reason?
  4. Does clearing emotional patterns with the Rose and the eighth Ray, remove them from the cells of the body or only the energy body?
  5. Comment: Levels 1 and 2 have changed my life. I can now speak up and ask for what I want. And I get it.
  6. How do I maintain a positive outlook amid all the chaos and negativity?
  7. Why do I have physical symptoms during meditation?
  8. Comment: I cried a lot and feel I needed this information in this moment.
  9. How do I apply the exploding Rose technique to future events that are expected to be difficult?
  10. Do I need to read the book before I sign up for Level 1?
  11. How do I help guide, and support, my 20-year-old daughter who’s all about her physical looks?
  12. Comment:  This has been great.  I feel clear and bright and ready to move forward to create a brilliant life.
  13. When people are saying and feeling things that I pick up on, beyond what they are actually saying, are they telepathing or giving me pictures in my mind?
  14. Please give us an update on the Waves of Light you talk about. I’m feeling weird and wondering if it's this?


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Lecture (49:59)
Energy Exercise (16:30)
Question & Answer (34:56)
Complete Call (01:41:26)
Conferencia (51:25)
Ejercicio_de_Energía (16:26)