December Solstice. A Gift. The Freedom to Choose | Mastering Alchemy

This next wave of light will provide very new vibrations of freedom to choose without limitations and without restrictions. Can you give yourself permission to be free? What will you do with your freedom? As the world segments into many choices, your choices are no longer limited or restricted to the third dimensional game. How would you choose?

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  1. Does the baggage go away completely or do we become consciously aware of it and use the tools to view our baggage more consciously?
  2. What kind of symptoms can we expect when the baggage comes up?  When it's uncomfortable how do we handle it?
  3. I feel a new energy with this profound meditation.  How can I remember to be in this energy field throughout the day or is it going to be easier than before?
  4. What, if any, is the significance of the Rose as the item that we visualize to delineate our space from their space?  Could it be another object like a ball of Light?

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Meditation (52:20)
Question & Answer (22:49)
Complete Call:(01:33:12)