Discernment. What Is Your Truth?

What is true or false? Learn why this may or may not matter to you. And, whose story is this that you're living? Have you stopped to discern what actually is your truth?

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  1. Does the Rose Tool prevent overlapping of energy fields and being influenced by another energies?
  2. Can you please separate the meditation from the lecture so we can easily anchor in this work?
  3. What suggestions do you have to remind myself the Rose tool is not meant to be a barrier?

  4. Is consciously, day in and day out, putting myself in my Higher Mind, whenever I can remember it, the best way to begin walking around in that space 24/7, or would it be more effective to meditation for an hour each day in that space?

  5. You have talked before about a ringing in the ears. I am asking if it is a spiritual being and I am not getting an answer back.

  6. Can the sense of Self and Higher Mind be reconciled with the feeling of being a part of a higher dimensional Universal consciousness? 

  7. Is there an explanation for if you are living the most you can in the Rose and things like accidents still happen?

  8. Do I have to create a new Rose, Grounding Cord etc every single day?

  9. From a practical sense, when do I go to the Higher Mind vs the Center of the Head?


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Lecture (35:08)
Meditation (31:14)
Question & Answer (27:29)
Complete Call (01:33:51)