Mastery Live Series: 5-6D. A New Game Board. New Rules, New Structures.


December 1, 5:00PM PST | 8:00PM EST

Rule #1 – The rules of 3D do not work in 5D.
Rule #2 – The rules of 5D do not work in 3D.
Rule #3 – You can’t be in both places simultaneously.

You choose. Then how do you stay in the D that you chose?

The Mastery Live series is designed by Jim and the Teachers to be very present-time and reflect what is happening on Earth and within humanity at the moment of the call. We can guess what the topic will be but, as you well know, much can change in a few weeks. So let’s allow the energy and teachings to be present at the moment we gather. We many include a Q&A depending on the energy.

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