The Feminine and Masculine | Mastering Alchemy

Feminine and masculine energies are much more then they are commonly thought to be. You may think you know what these are, but do you? The feminine and masculine are tools of conscious creation and so much more than bodies and psychology. Interested?
See below for Chapter from "What Do You Mean ..." book that Jim mentions in class.

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  1. Why do some things manifest instantaneously and some don’t?
  2. Is the aspect of the conditional state of the third dimension caused by our experience of linear time?
  3. Is it too late to join the Park Bench Project?
  4. Balance!!! That was a whole new level.  I am so grateful!
  5. It seems much easier to bring balance into the 4D and 5D.  Bringing it into 3D seems to be such a struggle.
  6. How do I respond to someone asking the question “what am I doing in the project Park Bench”?
  7. You often mention that the Mental-Emotional body was never meant to be separate.  When we put them together, how does that benefit us?
  8. What is your view of Soul contacts?
  9. I’m enjoying feeling balanced while observing the off balance of the world.  I am yawning a lot.  How can I make the thoughts and situations of the past… stop?
  10. I am wondering how to FEEL a feeling that is very different than one I am currently having.  How can I create a feeling of Joy when I am extremely fatigued?


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