Release Emotions Without Guilt or Blame | Mastering Alchemy

There's a simple way to release old baggage you carry. Not complicated. No denial. No emotional pain necessary. Most of the emotional baggage you carry has nothing to do with who you are today. It creates aging and off-balance emotions. Change your point of reference and you will change your life experience. Join us.

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  1. Is it only the emotions and thoughts from the past that can be changed or can we change the actual event itself as well?
  2. If the things that happen to us don’t have anything to do with us, why do they happen?
  3. When exploding a Rose do you keep doing it if the same thing keeps coming up even though you exploded a Rose?
  4. How does circular time relate to karma?
  5. So the key to all this work is getting to neutral?
  6. I’m new, would Level 1 help me understand the Rose and Rays references you make?
  7. How do you bring these Waves of Light into the Etheric and Physical bodies?
  8. What is the best tool to be more aware of my guidance, my clairvoyance?
  9. I am a teacher of eight year olds.  How can I help them internalize ‘I like me’, present time and that smile in the heart so they have less work to do as they grow and they can believe in their power as a youth?



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