Room Within Your Heart | Mastering Alchemy

There is a room within your heart. Calm, expansive, quiet. There is a Beauty. There is no noise, fear or failure, no judgement. There is color, sound and a Smile. Join us to take a tour.

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  1. How can I be better at keeping my Attention on my Intention?
  2. I’m experiencing a lot of difficulty getting into the quiet space lately after being able to do so before.  Any thoughts?
  3. I am alone.  And i’m liking it.  Is this normal?
  4. Does one meets one’s guides in the heart space?
  5. In the heart room I experienced limitless possibilities and grounded-ness.  How do I apply and take this into the physical world?
  6. Was forgetting ourselves necessary, or a choice for this 3D experience, or the only way out of it?
  7. Could you please talk about ‘going unconscious’ or ‘drifting off’ during a meditation.  Is this an old pattern of fear or resistance?  Is it a vibration the body isn’t used to?  Why does this happen?


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Lecture to meditation (01:11:36)
Question & Answer (28:22
Complete Call: (01:40:01)