Finding Me in These Unstable Times | Mastering Alchemy

red rocks stacked on top of each otherWhat is stable in your world? Dependable, reliable and grounded? How do you find that balance? How do you become it? Join us to learn how.

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  1. I was yawing a lot but not tired.  What’s up with that?
  2. Can you share your thoughts on connecting with the Earth daily? As in barefoot on the ground.
  3. Comment:  I experienced such joy.  Feeling for the first time that this is all possible. 
  4. What are the sound tones of the ninth Ray?
  5. Is it possible to go through the process and still enjoy steak, bacon, and cheese? Losing those cravings is like losing a loved one.
  6. Comment: That was the most synchronistic seminar for me.  I can see the only struggles for me are within myself, and the only enjoyment is also within myself. I’m enjoying myself.
  7. Is what is referred to as ‘the innate’, the same as the Soul or an aspect of the Soul?
  8. I wonder when you visualize grounding, do you ground your vision of yourself in your Higher Mind? Or am I visualizing the cord from my physical body?
  9. When I’m picking up the pieces of myself, what exactly does that mean?
  10. Comment:  Sitting in my Lightbody on my deck in beauty, I felt the electric energy in my ears and it tickled and made me laugh. I love the new energies I’m allowing.
  11. Could you please elaborate on the tingling that is happening within my body?  It’s usually in my head and spine. I feel like it's a reminder.
  12. Tonight I experienced myself in a new way. Can my Soul return to my body in this fashion?  I understand we leave the body through trauma.
  13. I love playful stillness. It has always been one of my go-to’s and happy for no reason.  Another great tool.
  14. Can we talk about the timelines that seem to be moving.  I appear to wake up sensing new energies and feeling like we have moved to a new dimension.

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