How Do I Create My Next Lifetime? | Mastering Alchemy

potter making a clay bowlHow do you do it? When do you do it? Actually ... you Are doing it. You create your next life during this one. Not after this lifetime. Would you like to do it consciously and enjoy the creation? Join us.

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  1. Isn’t it correct to say that all lifetimes exist simultaneously? And all lifetimes are Shakespeare's theater. Since I’m Shakespeare, that I script all lifetimes?
  2. Several times I’ve heard the Archangels and Ascended Masters say that because we have a physical body, we can do things that they can not do. Could you please elaborate on that?
  3. Will we get to manifest this in 3D physical space? How do we maintain the space we created tonight?
  4. Comment:  I do think about my next lifetime and how I’ll create it.  This is taking it to an even ‘lovelier’ level.
  5. When I wear the word ‘humble’ I feel like I’m weak and giving my power away.  How can I experience ‘humble’ while remaining strong?
  6. I am a millennial park bench sitter, reading the book and soon to be in Level 1.  I love how everything I’ve read from different spiritual texts and teachers is being affirmed by everything I’m hearing from you.  It seems like Mastering Alchemy is the practical application of these teachings. Does that sound about right?
  7. You said It’s like we are part of the quantum computing AI.  Can you please expand on that?
  8. The concept of simultaneous time is difficult to approach understanding.  I’ve heard that the future can only be known as probable energy patterns. So how can I formulate the next lifetime, if it is accessing a lifetime that is already existing?  Can it be modified by my consciousness now?
  9. Comment: Thank you very much for this experience.  I can’t believe it was an hour. I experienced it as a moment. Co-creation is fascinating, I’m finding myself without words.
  10. Are Animals receiving upgrades too?  How are the shifts affecting our pets, wildlife, and farm animals?
  11. How would you define a conspiracy theory? I’m giving these theories my attention in an attempt to try to understand them.  Is this me holding myself onto 3D?
  12. I had a lot of trouble with the geometry in my head in Level 1.  Was I right to take your advice to not worry about seeing it ‘correctly’ but just imaging it the best I can?  And does Level 2 have an even more difficult geometry that is really important?

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