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man staring out a window over a busy cityThere are many layers within the mind - like rooms within a house. You don’t cook breakfast in the bedroom. So, it's very useful to know which layer of thought to think from to get your desired result. Join us.

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  1. Once one uses the Grounding Cord to release energies of the thoughts and emotions that do not serve, can the Grounding Cord then be used to anchor in energies that would be better?
  2.  With the Higher Mind, sometimes I feel a sensation of trying to hold a lid open.  At times this sensation is completely relaxed. Is this trying to hold myself in the Higher Mind?
  3. Does the Soul communicate through emotions?
  4. I live in this racist community.  I’ve been accused by my neighbors of being a criminal, thief, and I’ve been stalked and bullied, etc,  all the time. We’re finally moving out of this place and I’m excited about the new life coming up and a little afraid of recreating the same thing in a new place. Any help in creating this new life in a community that will welcome my light?
  5. I find myself playing on the internet, dreaming of places.  Things that seem to be in the imagination.  And now I wonder is this just a way to attract a new life, in this life, in an easy, playful way.
  6. Could you please talk about the carbon changing in the body?
  7. Does the Higher Self interact with you in the fourth layer of thought?
  8. If I’ve understood correctly, there are three ways the Rose releases the energy it's collected: explode it, pass it down the Grounding Cord or place it in the Pink Diamond.  I’m curious if there are reasons to use one method over the other, especially the Pink Diamond and the Rose.
  9. The more I play in present time, Center of Head, and Higher Self, the more I want to spend time there. I also find myself uninterested in more traditional goals for my business or personal life. How can I find my purpose in life and remain motivated while I continue to play in this fourth and fifth Dimensional space?
  10. Comment: That was the most awesome experience.  What I had only experienced in the sleep space, I experienced in this realm now. Thank you very much for pointing us to this new level of thought and to the us that has always been there.
  11. What does liking yourself involve? I’m not sure I understand what it means to like yourself
  12. How do I explain to my five young adult children that sitting in neutrality IS doing something? It’s important.  They think I’m not doing anything for what is right, just, in the world.


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