Transition or Chaos? | Mastering Alchemy

How do you navigate? Will it be through conscious choices or unmanaged reaction and fear? Understanding how to choose may be more important than the choices you actually make. This will be a session on how to choose. Join us.

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  1. Can you explain the difference between consciousness,  awareness, and conscious awareness?
  2. How does one proceed when at a crossroads, and a choice must be made, and all the choices appear undesirable?
  3. Is it best to be in a vertical alignment when doing Mastering Alchemy work?
  4. Comment:  This session was over the top for useful. Thank you so much.
  5. Is the Etheric body that Kuthumi is talking about in the blogs, the same as the Causal body?
  6. Comment:  Thank you.  Back to the basics with new eyes. Very beneficial. It has come full circle and keeps getting better.
  7. How can I strengthen the vibration of abundance in my life?
  8. Comment:  This exercise was amazing.  The Sacred Heart just consumed the various negative vibrations you presented.  It sucked the confusion in, then simultaneously projected strong pink light vibration out and filled me with such love. Thank you.
  9. When I meditate, the vibration literally spins my body or part of my body where I put my attention.  I can stop it. I”m not sure if I should or allow it.
  10. Can you talk about body sensations when doing Energy work?
  11. Can you speak on parenting a young child to allow them their seniority and still raise them well.
  12. I’m wondering how well the Rose will work when a mob confronts you in a restaurant looking to force you to your knees to acquiesce to their cause?
  13. Is the Higher Mind the same as where my sense of the I and Me inside my head is?


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Meditation (26:03)
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