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Sigmund Freud and traditional psychology has its own definition of the ego but let’s expand this concept and understand its greater purpose in your life.

Mastering Alchemy - When is Helping Not Helpful?Today I discovered that two of our Level 3 participants have been giving private pages to someone who didn't purchase the course. They gave her the private link to a webinar which they enrolled in and paid for but she didn't’t. When I asked, the recipient said that her friends “help” each other. How long have they been doing this I wondered? What other materials have they given to others not enrolled? It got me thinking: When is helping not helpful?

How do You Want to be Seen?This Shift is not so much about the Earth. The planet is very capable of taking care of itself and is actually in a state of well-being. So the Earth is not what this game is about. It’s about each of us very individually at this point, and how we each demonstrate a level of mastery. How we each manage our thoughts, our words and our actions. How we each become conscious, aware and purposeful and how we each manage our Intention and our Attention. That’s the game you’re the star of. As you go through this game, you will be known to the Universe by your vibrations and how you manage them. So, how do you want to be seen? Do you want to go through this experience being purposeful, focused and entertained? Or do you want to go into this with uncertainty, reacting or fearful? It’s really up to you how you really want to be perceived.

How do You Want to be Seen?In Part One, we saw that on the 3-D Platform, the game is made up of linear time and duality – the contrast between good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, left/right, cause and effect. The 3rd dimension is made up of density; it’s heavier, it has edges and boundaries, definitions and rigidity, and is very stable. You rely on the rational, analytical mind, versus your ability to observe and perceive, which are 4th Dimensional Platform characteristics. In simple terms, the 4th Dimensional Platform operates in present time, or “Right now.” (That “Right now” is already in the past.) So in the fourth dimension, you can have just a great time figuring something out and suddenly, an hour has gone by. In 4-D, there is no hour; there is simply present time.

How do You Want to be Seen?In Part Two, we looked at moving from the 3rd Dimension Platform to the 4th Dimension Platform. Now we look at the 5th Dimension Platform.

The Four Faces of You: Your Emotional Self“These bodies are perishable; but the dwellers in these bodies are eternal, indestructible and impenetrable.” - The Bhagavad Gita

The Four Faces of You: Your Physical SelfYour body was designed to move and work. Bodies love to be active. Unlike the Emotional Self, we are allowed to express ourselves physically. You can personify your Physical Self in a way that currently represents your relationship with your body. Is it a big strong muscle-man, perhaps encumbered by his massive bulk? Is he small and bird-like or large, flabby and weak? Allow Phillip (your Physical Self) to appear and act as he truly is. Phillip’s job is to survive and he does it with a passion. He only thinks about and directs his focus upon those things that either help or hinder the survival of the system. Like the Emotional Self, Phillip is nonverbal and so must resort to expressing his needs through behavior patterns, acting out, sensations and movement.

Here are some items in his job description:

The Four Faces of You: Your Mental SelfThe Mental Self can be likened to a large and powerful sledgehammer. This sledgehammer is a perfect tool for pounding nails and knocking out two-by-fours. Because it is so capable, and because we live in a very intellectually validating culture, we ask this sledgehammer to do jobs it’s not suited for. Your Mental Self (Mendelson) is very eager and willing to do what it is asked. He will sometimes create a rationale for why his is the right method. For example, if you ask the sledgehammer to frost a cake, it will think it’s doing a great job and try to convince you of it. The cake, however, isn’t going to look or taste appetizing. Cool and rational, logical and sensible, Mendelson is certain he can do any task at hand and if the result is less than optimal, it must be because of an external problem.

The Four Faces of You: Your Spiritual SelfSpatia is a unique addition to the creation of this house party and your life. In fact, without her, the party wouldn’t unfold smoothly and harmoniously. Spatia doesn’t lift the tables with Phil, plan the activities with Mendelson or even choose the music with Emma. Spatia oversees the entire operation and is the spiritual supporter of everyone. She makes sure they are all doing what they love and are receiving the validation and encouragement they deserve. Your Spiritual Self recognizes and intuits all needs and questions. She helps direct each Self to the best solutions. She is the quiet, invisible force in the background that holds the whole party together.

What Hat Are You Wearing?Excerpted from
Spirit Matters: Down to Earth Tools for a Spirited Life
by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett