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The Four Faces of You: Your Spiritual SelfSpatia is a unique addition to the creation of this house party and your life. In fact, without her, the party wouldn’t unfold smoothly and harmoniously. Spatia doesn’t lift the tables with Phil, plan the activities with Mendelson or even choose the music with Emma. Spatia oversees the entire operation and is the spiritual supporter of everyone. She makes sure they are all doing what they love and are receiving the validation and encouragement they deserve. Your Spiritual Self recognizes and intuits all needs and questions. She helps direct each Self to the best solutions. She is the quiet, invisible force in the background that holds the whole party together.

What Hat Are You Wearing?Excerpted from
Spirit Matters: Down to Earth Tools for a Spirited Life
by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

The Truth About Masculine and Feminine EnergyThis Shift in consciousness is deep. It is fundamental and it is happening from the inside out. It is changing how you think, how you perceive and what you believe. It will alter your perception of the world around you and, more importantly, it will change your relationship to absolutely everything that you know. It is very exciting. It is very expansive.
One of the things that I am aware of is that in the beginning the Creator said, “I wish to know myself to the farthest edge of the farthest edge so that I can understand myself.” In real terms the Creator was saying, “I wish to know myself in relationship to and with everything that is around me.” This is about relationship, your relationship to everything around you and how you perceive it from within you.

The Truth About Masculine and Feminine EnergyLast month we began discussing the difference between feminine and masculine creative energy and what occurs when those energies are out of balance. Keep in mind that we are not talking about male and female people. This is all about the creative energy that we each can tap into and utilize. No matter what gender or orientation, we all have access to some wonderful masculine and feminine creative potential. We also talked about what occurs when the masculine energy demonstrates as dominant and the feminine demonstrates as weak. Let’s continue with other possibilities of imbalance. Notice if you recognize these patterns in the lives of those around you. And in the way you create.

Feminine-Strong - Masculine-Weak

The Truth About Masculine and Feminine EnergyOver the previous two months we have defined masculine creative energy (straight lines and angles) and feminine creative energy (swirls and curves). We discussed what happens when those creative energies are out of balance with each other, when one is dominating and one is weak. Please keep in mind that we are talking about your personal creative energy here, not bodies and genders. We also talked a bit about how each one of us gets in this place of misalignment. Do take the time to read the previous months’ articles too. There is much there.

What is the Mastering Alchemy Adventure?As new groups form for Mastering Alchemy Level 2 and Level 3, we have been asked by many to expand further upon what material is covered in these programs.
Level 1
The Level 1 course is obviously the pre-requisite for the Level 2 program. Briefly, the purpose of the Level 1 course is to establish a foundation from which to become much more consciously aware of yourself in present time. From here you begin to develop the ability to recognize and choose from new and different options to create a life that supports you.

Practice When it Doesn't CountTwo groups of Spiritual Warriors found themselves in a very real and important dilemma. They understood their personal spiritual missions and recognized that energy existed that could prevent them from completing their work. They asked the Creator for the tools they needed, and each warrior received the package as requested.
Each package contained three items: a sword, a shield, and body armor. The sword represented Truth and could never be broken. The shield represented Knowledge of the weaknesses of the intruding energy, and Knowledge from the ancients. The body armor represented spiritual awareness and the Wisdom to wield the Truth (sword) and hold up the Knowledge (shield) in the face of a challenge.

WDYM excerpt Ch 21 - You Are Not Your Problem By Jim Self & Roxane BurnettWhy now is the time to release who you are not and remember who you are
Chapter 21—You Are Not Your Problem

Throwing EnergyMany years ago, when I first began my conversations with the archangels and ascended masters, Master Kuthumi said to me: To enter and remain in the fifth dimension you must master every thought, every emotion, and every action. Every moment. Cautiously, and with great respect (and without grimacing or rolling my eyes), I replied, Well, it looks like I won't be entering the fifth dimension anytime soon. Kuthumi smiled and said, We shall see.

Thus began the pathway we call Mastering Alchemy;the pathway to master ourselves so that we may enter and remain in higher levels of consciousness.

How you respond to the quickly increasing noise and drama during this Shift is a wonderful and consistent training ground for becoming masterful.

Miracle StoriesMiracles are all around us. All we have to do is open to the possibility that miracles not only exist, but with the right tools and mindset, we ourselves are capable of creating them.
Campus Lockdown
Something happened this afternoon that I just had to share with you. I am a teacher at an elementary school. This afternoon, we had a crisis situation, our first. Our kids were just dismissed and were getting on busses and in cars when the word came that there was a suicidal gun man in the area. We focused on the kids, cleared the 
campus and then went into lockdown mode ourselves. Cops were everywhere but still...